Gina + Ian | A wedding at the Endicott Estate

This was such a beautiful, warm + sunny, love filled day that I was so glad to be a part of. Gina and Ian are not only fantastic people on their own, but i was so happily delighted to quickly learn they both derive from such love filled and exuberant families... so you can imagine the good time that was had celebrating all of the love!

At this wedding I witnessed, thee BEST mother-son dance - which was to "always look on the bright side of life" and thee BEST father serenade to his daughter "Gina Beena" (which included the 4 piece family band). It was one of those weddings that leaves a smile on your face for days after.

Gina and Ian, thank you for letting me be part of such a beautiful moment... xoxo

The First Snowstorm of 2017

For me, there is something so energizing about a snowstorm... candles lit, firing burning, sipping warm tea and hot cocoa watching mother nature gently sprinkle her icy fairy dust upon us...

The next morning, the sun rose slowly as it filled the bright blue sky, making the snow sparkle.

Still calm, still quiet...

... as we walk across the powdery champaign sparkle, kicking and throwing it up with delight, I think to myself, what a magical moment!

Me, on my 33rd Birthday {back in July!}

As much as I love to be a photographer and write, I don't know that blogging is for me! I curated this post of photos back in July, after my 33rd birthday and then abondon it... like the 20 other blog posts I have queued up, and never posted...

I've done this for YEARS! 

Why do I do this?

I think I'm afraid to share my personal life... what I hold most near and dear to me, I hold so close that I'm afraid to share. I've recently realized this about myself and after coaching myself through it (I'm such an internal thinker) I decided, well I'm not going to get much of anywhere if I don't share my work, my art.... my story! 

So... here is me, turning 33 years old!

Holiday Mini's 2016 | Westwood Mini Sessions

It turns out that a lot of magic can come from 10 minutes! It was a dreamy lit, mid morning photography relay for me as my assistants Megan + Kristen greeted families with a smile when they arrived... oogling over the beautiful babies and adorable children.... excitement filled the air. I really really really enjoyed my first experience with Holiday Mini sessions and I think they all did too, here's what some had to say...

"I am quickly realizing that 10 min with a fabulous photographer is usually better than hours with another." ~B.W.
"Do people tell you often enough that you're so talented and gifted at what you do?! You're amazing. Thank you" ~A.W.
"There are no words for how much I adore these!!!  You are so amazing, April- thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.  And I'm so appreciative of the bonus shots- you spoiled us!  And I can't believe how quickly you got these wrapped up and sent to us.  You are such a pro, sister.  Looks like it's time for me to get cracking on the holiday cards." ~ E.G.
"Omg April! You are amazing!!! How did you capture such great photos in such short time? I LOVE these. Thank you so much! I'm definitely hanging one on the wall, I'm thinking the one in front of the blue door. You are so talented girl." ~K.P.
"Omg!!! I absolutely love!!! You are such an amazing incredible genius!!! Ahhhhh!!" ~K.C.
"10 minutes is what sold my Husband and I'm so glad, I absolutely adore these, thank you thank you thank you!!!!" ~K.H.

Thank you to my handy helpers Kristen and Meghan! 

South End Family Photography | The Cook Family

Walking around the South End of Boston with the Cook Family was so much fun (as you can see). We enjoyed an evening stroll to Grahams favorite park right down the road. 

Knightlee | welcome home

I love babies... I always have, ever since I was a baby! I carried baby dolls with me everywhere and when my first niece was born it was the most amazing experience, to become an Aunt. Being an Aunt has come to be one of my favorite titles because you have such a fierce love for this child that isn't even yours... but they're your siblings so you love them as if they're your own. There is an unwritten magical and special bond as an aunt... and I'm lucky to be one, now, 6 times over!

It is my greatest pleasure to help welcome my oh so cuddly, smells so newborn fresh and is the tiniest (but strong) lil baby ever born into my family... Knightlee Michael Krueger, welcome to the world and into our family! You're in good hands with your mommy + daddy.

Aba loves you!

The Glow | a maternity session with Becca

Becoming a parent changes you in ways you didn't even think possible! Having just done so myself only a few short years ago, it's very fresh in my mind... which makes it extra exciting to watch my sister in law + brother join the tribe called parenthood! It's a great place to be

welcome home jack

Welcoming home baby Jack Montone...

As I made my way to the Montone house, I drove slowly past each beautiful brownstone and was just relishing in the beauty within Brookline. 

Hanging out with this sweet and beautiful little boy was magic. He's surely in good hands with his parents. 

Nicholas at 3 months

catching up with Lisa and taking photos of this cutie pie!

welcome home teddy

To me, the best part about being a professional photographer, is being able to freeze a second in time of a sweet stretch or a little yawn and turn it into a photograph that will be cherished for a lifetime. Making a piece of artwork that is so... emotionally charged and the ability to take any parent back to that very moment in time... that is why I do what I do.

Here is baby Teddy... his long awaited arrival happened on May 6th and we couldn't be more excited for the Vozzella Family. He's tiny and sweet and a spitting image of his older bro, Owen. 

I am so looking forward to documenting their friendship as they grow up together! We love you, Teddy!

a playdate at my house!

Hi Mama's, time to come up for air and get some personal thoughts out on the blog today.

I have to start out by saying... I am in the THICK of this whole motherhood journey... and by thick I mean: piles upon piles of laundry, poopy diapers, dirty dishes and if you came over after any meal you would think we re-did our hardwood floors with tiny chopped up pieces of food... if I'm being honest with you, my day to day is pretty f'n intense... and it all starts out around 5:30am with either one of them awakening with a solid scream cry.... they don't wake up slowly, taking their sweet time to snuggle, stretch and greet the day with ease (like so many instagram moms like to post about)... no... they come at it HOT and screaming!

If you're new here, I have a 1 year old son and a 3 year old daughter and they don't go easy on me. My wardrobe these days consists mostly of soccer shorts, sneakers and tank tops... I do so much running and heavy toddler lifting that it just makes sense... however, I do look like I'm about to step out onto a sports field at any given time. Whatever, at this point in my life fashion has been long gone...

I am probably the only mother in town to be excited that my daughter is about to start pre-school this fall... She SO needs it and so do I! I imagine myself to be the only mom at the drop off on the very first day, totally pumped! Don't get me wrong, Sienna is a riot to hang out with, uses her manners, is patient etc etc... but mama could use a 3 hour break from entertaining her 2 days a week. Lately, after a horrible night of sleep, the last thing I have energy for is to mold and build the mind of a (very intelligent - so far) 3 year old little girl. But alas, I must... and I do the best I possibly can each day. But I'm telling you... I would sometimes give my left arm to sit quietly behind a desk in corporate america just to get a little alone time and some peace and quiet... like an hour would do me some good. 

Anywho, so that's what's been going on with me. 

Oh and so fun, I hosted my very first play date (yeah, 3 years later) with some great friends, Lisa & Becky. Here are a few photos I was able to snap in between making sure Ethan didn't fall out of his tree house! The kid is a beast. 


April aka #therunninmama



welcome home marlowe

As soon as I opened the door to greet the Tilden Family, I could feel the love for their new baby girl practically pouring out the door. Baby Marlowe made her debut on April 14 and boy is she a beauty... but that's not surprising because look at her parents! I loved meeting and hanging with the Tilden's and their cool pup Maui (best dog name ever). 

I look forward to watching that little nugget grow into a beautiful little girl!


The Glow | a maternity session with Kristina

This girl... I've known her since the early days of elementary school and somehow, after all these years, we've kept in touch simply by making each other laugh! I was so happy and honored and lucky enough to have her and her family fly into Boston so that I could capture this very special time in her life.  Kristina, or as most people know her on social media as @lifeaskristinab, struggled with infertility for years and finally was blessed with twin boys... as luck would have it, she is now expecting (the unexpected) third child who happens to be a little girl! We shared soooo  many laughs together in the short time we spent together and I'm so excited to fly home in June to capture the Welcoming Home of her little girl. 

welcome home Caroline | Weston newborn photography | boston newborn photography

Spring is in the air and the sweet aroma of flowers and new little bitty babies fill the air...

Creating this post to share is pretty bitter sweet for me... on one hand I love the Cavanagh Fam so seeing Alyss and Chris is always fun and I couldn't be happier for them and the life they've created for themselves... but on the other hand, I cannot believe how fast babies grow up. Little baby Catherine is now 2 years old!!! Say what?!

When did that happen?! After living these very moments in my own life and then living them again, in a much broader sense, through lives of those who have me document them, it's mind blowing how fast it all happens. As a child yourself I'm sure the time went very slow, for me it did. But as the years go on, the time seems to fly... and these moments pass so so so quickly.

I was so honored to be called back to the Cavanagh's to document baby Caroline's "welcome home".  She was so teeny tiny and angelic. Catherine was a total ham and I loved playing with her, she's such a good girl. I look forward to watching them grow!

Kiss + cuddle your little ones extra long tonight ;)



Happy Half Birthday, Grayson! | Boston Baby Photography

You may remember this beautiful family from my post here about welcoming baby Grayson into the world! Grayson is one of my very first milestone babies and this is ALWAYS so exciting for me to see such growth in such a quick period of time... it's really remarkable to me. The first year goes by so fast, it's unbelievable, and the mental and physical changes seem to happen almost overnight. Babies have, and always will, fascinate me. 

I digress...

The Mangano Family is celebrating Grayson's half birthday. I loved catching up with Amy & Mark and as always we swapped stories and shared a laugh about parenting! it's a trip. I'm so looking forward to Grayson's 1 year shoot.

Stay tuned for more!

Welcome Baby Nicholas | Natick Newborn Photography | Boston Newborn Photography

This is one of those posts where I'm sitting here thinking... where do I even begin?!

Lisa and Matt have been good friends right from the start of moving to Boston (in March 2010). Over the years we've celebrated some pretty awesome life events together and this is one of them...

Nicholas Matthew Riesz! Welcome to the world little guy, I assure you, you're in very good hands. I am looking forward to watching you grow into the cutest little angel. 


The Glow | a maternity session with Heather

How gorgous is this mama?! I don't have many words for how beautiful this session truly is, other than she left me wanting another baby! She's radiating that motherhood glow and it's contagious. Heather I couldn't be happier for you and I cannot wait to see how gorgous your little guy will be! 

Kate + Jason | Wedding at the Artist for Humanity Epicenter | Boston Wedding

I'm SO honored that Kate and Jason chose me to shoot their love celebration! This was such a fun wedding to shoot for so many reasons, one being that I absolutely adore Kate and her friends... So knowing that I was getting to hang with these girls all day was a treat in itself, ha ha. 

You may recall the super fun engagement shoot we did over the summer, that was when I knew this wedding day was going to be so magical. Kate and Jason just have this energy about them that glows with excitement for life, so you can imagine the positive vibe that was radiating from each and every person there to help celebrate. 

Their wedding day was a crisp and sunshiny December day in downtown Boston. As soon as Kate was finished getting ready, we headed up to the stunning rooftop of The Envoy for their first look. Jason waited patiently for his bride, who snuck up behind him...and just as he turned around to take his first look, a big gust of wind woooooshed Kate's veil into the air and around Jason... it was such a fun and magical moment. We then took a nice walk down by the Barking Crab and the waterfront. After the sunset, we headed over to the Artist for Humanity Epicenter for a cozy and romantic ceremony followed by a beautiful and energetic reception.

Kate and Jason I wish you a beautiful journey together... I am confident there will be no lack of love, laughter and adventure! xo

2015 | Personal project - recap of the year

This year for me has just been... absolute chaos... I can't even believe I survived! Since I lived, I'll tell the story...

In a nutshell, we had a baby, moved a few times {were homeless for a few months}, settled into a new home, took a few trips, shot a few weddings, newborns and families.... It was nothing short of chaotic, emotional, painful, taxing, extraordinary, rewarding, joyful, and tiring!

I am proud to say I really stepped up my game with bringing my camera places... it's always a question for me "do I bring my camera with me?"... I've really learned that when I don't have it, I always want it... when I do have it, I will use it at least once. For me it's finding a balance between documenting my life and actually living it!

As my sisters used to call me "Media Arts Girl"... I've always had a camera, either video or still, and documenting every moment... I earned dual degree's in  Broadcast Journalism + Studio Art and learned more about how to document.... and.... I guess, I'm coming to realize that it really is my one true passion! 

My mom always told me as I went through college "April, if you don't do art, you'll flunk out"... I always thought she was crazy but this year I really understand what she means. Being creative and making things is what I've done since I was like... idk, 2 years old... and so for me, being able to have photography as an outlet has been so beneficial for my mental health! Through all the stress and agony of figuring out... our life together, juggling a business, moving etc... I was able to jump behind my camera and get my zen on...

Life is moving at a pace I cannot even comprehend right now... and I'm so glad to be able to look back at it all! #photographyrules

here are a few of my favs