A Beach Session with the Breer Family

The beautiful Breer Family… I have been documenting Emily and Bert since they got engaged! The best part about growing with my clients is, we get to remenisce about all the places they’ve lived before (because I’ve been to all of them) and how awesome their wedding was… and fast forward 6 years later how much all of our lives have changed. It’s really a treat for me and always makes me excited for each shoot.

Emily & Bert are expecting their third baby which will be a GIRL! After 2 boys their family dynamic is about to get a little sweeter and a little softer :) I am so excited to meet this little lady once she arrives.

This session was the perfect session at Duxbury Beach… we were waiting on storms and rain all day and it never showed up! As you can see the skies were perfect for a little walk and then a little off roading onto the most serene part of the beach at the best time of the day.

Welcome Home Baby Montone

The Montone Fam is a fav of mine… I met them when they lived in Brookline and fresh new parents of beautiful baby Jack…. Fast forward 3 years later and here we are, practically neighbors. These boys will keep their parents busy for sure, I love watching them grow!

Welcome Home Ronin

Another session with my friends… this time, Thanh and Will who live just outside of Boston. Much to their surprise baby Ronin arrived 4 weeks early. He was sweet and quite a treat to photograph as he never woke once… but did give me that “I see you” smile as he tried to fight his heavy eyelids. Haha… even at the very newest stages of life a little personality shines through! I can’t wait to watch this boy grow.

Welcome Home Noa

If you’re a photographer reading this, then you know what a treat it is to get to document your friends… the people who are comfortable around you and vice versa.

If you’re a mama (who’s ever had a postpartum photo shoot) reading this then you know full well the pre-anxiety involved with planning a family photoshoot, especially when baby is fresh out of the womb (and you feel beat.. if this is you, know you’re in good companhy with me).

This was the perfect storm to document the lovefest (aka: chaos) that bringing home a third baby can bring! soooo much excitement, joy and tiny kisses… I was so happy to share this moment with such a great family.

The Cavanaugh Family

Since moving to Boston and going full time as a photographer I have met so many wonderful, loving and inviting couples who then grow into families along the way… I met Alyss and Chris while I was shooting their friends wedding back in the day (Alyss was actually in the wedding). I’ve had the honor of documenting their growing family throughout the years and was so excited to document their love. Here are a few of my favorites!

Once I delivered the gallery they write:

April - these are amazing! Walking through the airport with tears in my eyes. Thank you! Chris

April, You're incredible. I can't even begin to tell you how special these are to us. I knew they would be beautiful because your photos always are. What I hadn't anticipated was how perfectly you would capture our bonds with the kids, and theirs with each other. These pictures literally brought me to tears. We can't thank you enough. Love, Alyss

Mini Sessions at Hale Reservation

Having a fall mini session is a great way for me to get to see all of my favorite families and meet new ones too! Mini sessions are a lot different than a full session, but a “quick n dirty” way to get that money shot for this years holiday card and, if planned well, used as gifts under the tree for those you love.

This year we had (luckily) the most gorgeous fall day in October… the leaves were at their peak and the weather was warmer. I am not lying when I say all of these kids did an amazing job in front of my camera… I was cooky enough to get some genuine smiles! 15 min is all it takes…

A Motherhood Session on Cape Cod

Motherhood is most often celebrated (from what I see) when a baby is born, when the mother is new, as it should be, for sure... But what about the moms and children who have grown up together over the last, say 8-10 years?! Those beautiful years of watching your babies grow into little characters of their own, those beautiful years are some of my favorite to document. There's so much less chaos, than I'm used to!

Going on family vacation with my sister and my nieces was a great time to whip out the old camera and have some fun! We were blessed to be on cape cod in July together and to have this beautiful mother daughter sunset session.

with love,


Throwing rocks at sunset

Here is one of my favorite memories from this past summer and sort of a moody (because I have been) portrait... out on the rocks up in Acadia National Park visiting with family + friends... I caught Ethan in a world of his own, throwing rocks at sunset.

Oh life, it's been flying by this summer, between our travels from Buffalo to Acadia to Vermont to Cape Cod... all the while being pregnant with baby #3, I'm pleasantly exhausted to say the least! Through most of my travels I of course brought my camera... sometimes I'd bring it along if I was feeling particularly brave, but most of the time it would stay back at the ranch... and then my "photographer guilt" kicks in... some women suffer from "mom guilt", I suffer from "photographer guilt" aka "why didn't I bring my camera with me!?!".

I feel like, along the way of becoming a mom of (almost) 3, trying to balance family life and photography life, something had to give. Of course, since photography isn't a living breathing thing I need to keep alive and make thrive, it has taken a backseat to these, very needy, early years of my babies childhoods. It's ok though, I knew it would happen, which is why being a photographer was always one of my career goals, because of the lifelong flexibility it offers.

I am taking this time to really play around with photography, lighting and various editing techniques... I've also been printing a TON of my work in hopes of really learning from what I'm doing instead of just shooting and shooting and shooting and not really improving. I've decided that I need to stop shooting so much and really focus on an individual image as art... learning more about the post processing phase to get the look I have in my mind for the final product. In the end, clients want artwork on their walls, am I right? So I need to figure out what looks best, alone and together in a series.

Stay tuned!


Welcome Home Oliver

Meeting the Mancinelli's was a breath of fresh air. Their excitement filled the house for their new baby boy, Oliver. I was so happy when Tami contacted me to shoot her maternity and welcome home photos of their baby boy... Where are her maternity photos you ask? Well, this lil guy decided he wanted to make a grand entrance early, so we never had a chance to actually take them!

Oliver is a love and so cute! He's snuggly yet so aware of his mommy and daddy... Establishing eye contact and saying hi to mama were some of my favorite moments of the day. He is one loved baby and is in great hands with Tami and Scott.

Enjoy these small moments while they last, soon you'll be looking back at these in awe of how you survived it all... Your heart, even more full and bigger than you'd ever imagined.

Welcome Home Charlotte

It was so exciting to return back to the Mangano's home in Charlestown to meet Grayson's little sister, Charlotte! She is a teeny tiny bundle of cool and calmness. Her big brother Grayson was so excited about her arrival! Watching + documenting life's greatest gifts, it's a passion!

Congratulations Amy + Mark, enjoy the crazy love filled journey of 2 babies!!!!  :)

The Glow | a maternity shoot with Amy

Capturing a woman's beauty while she's pregnant has quickly become one of my favorite things to photograph. The shoots don't last long, but they're so sweet and it's just such an exciting time to be apart of. I love watching families (and bellies) grow...

Putting down my camera...

Last Mother's Day I treated myself to a "Motherhood Story" shoot with Victoria Gloria... I have worked with a few photographers over the years, but this shoot was different. Victoria came into our home, a very personal space, for 3 whole hours!  Maybe If you aspired to be a model this might sound appealing... I however, am behind the camera because it's where I feel comfortable... and if I'm being completely honest, I have a hard time looking at photos of myself. It's true, I was terrified to even set a date (which was changed about 3 times, by me, because I'd freak out and cancel)... So if you're reading this, never have had a professional take your photo before, I'm with you on being freaked out about it... but hear me out!

As the one always behind the camera I knew I needed some photos of just me and the kids. I loved the thought of a "Motherhood Story" because as a stay at home mom, this is my daily life and has been for about 4 years now. I knew that I would regret not getting any "real" photos with me in them during this time in our lives. My husband offered several times to take a snapshot of us... but c'mon, it's so not the same. I wanted her to capture us, playing, emotions etc... Daddy can't do that because they'd be wanting to play with him.

So, after much correspondence with Victoria (who is one of the nicest and most understanding photographers I've ever met) we settled on a date and I stuck with it. My skin crawled just thinking her camera was going to be one me for that long, in my own (messy) home nonetheless, but I trusted in the "process" and went along with it.

In hindsight, I think a major fear was not looking like all the other polished moms...you know, those long gorgeous lashed, beautiful haired, pouty lipped super pretty moms I envy and see sprinkled all over Insty and Pinterest, (and don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about, I see polished moms everywhere I turn on the internet...) It sounds silly, now that I'm actually typing this out... but idk, the nerves came from fear of not looking good enough... but I forced myself to get over it and decided I'm me and these are my babies and I just love them so much...

So... after giving it much thought, I decided to go with "real"... no professional hair and make up, no fancy new outfits... because my heart has always been guided by authenticity. It's what makes me happy. The real, it's what I'm all about.

So here I am, with my babies, hair up, hands dirty... camera FINALLY down.

Victoria, thank you so much for these photos and these memories. You've inspired me to want to do this for mothers, to give someone this gift is astronomical. I cherish these photos more than you'll ever know! xoxo

Personal | The First 2 Years...

Hey Mama's... I don't really post a lot of personal stories on my blog... and I really don't know why. Sometimes I feel that maybe it should be just for recent work... but then I realized that my personal posts were some of the most liked. Sweet! I do enjoy sharing my personal thoughts, especially on motherhood, because it's all so crazy and we're all working through, slowly *but surely, being good mama's in our own ways.

I used to "write" more, when it was just Sienna and I at home together, When Ethan came on the scene... forget about it. He's always been the easier of the two, but when you go from 1 to 2... look the f out. Obviously these thoughts are my own from my own experience... but girlfriend, just prepare yourself, mmmk? It's one thing if your children will be more than 2.5 years apart, but when if they are close in age, like E+S (now age 2 +4), 24mos exactly, nearly TO.THE.DAY... just know, you're going into the war zone of life... but YOU WILL come out alive. I assure you.

I would always describe the first 2 years of each of my children's lives, like being on a wooden raft out in the ocean, and you're going through treacherous waters, the waves are crashing and the rain is falling hard, but I'm making progress so I'm satisfied, of course I had some spectacular days that were a little more calm... but overall it is just chaotic. And bravely I pressed on towards a brand new land...

For me, right around 2 years old, the rain lets up a little and through the waves you can see... (what seems to be) the warm, soft, golden shores of more calm times. And one day it hit me, this is all going to end, very shortly... this crazy, chaotic, exhausting world of babies that has been my life for years now. I saw that beautiful golden shoreline... and shockingly, it made me a little bit sad. I was just getting the hang of this rickety wooden raft.

For me, becoming a full time mother has been a huge shifting/growing/learning/realizing period in my life. Loooooooots of time to think....Most people's response to me being a full time/SAHM is "omg, I don't know how you do it"...for me, it's all I ever saw and really, all I ever wanted... (well, that and to be a famous talk show host). I should also share that I thought it was going to be much easier than it is! haha, I'm not gonna lie, motherhood is H-A-R-D... wtf? did you think it was going to be like this? haha I guess what it shakes out to is the rewards are my world, It's all I truly care about when I look at the "big picture" of my life and what really matters to me in the end.

So, there you have it, my random "mother" thoughts of the day.



Welcome Home | Fletcher

This is probably one of my most favorite shoots and here is why... it's so real. Everything about it, we didn't fluff and we didn't get fancy... why? Because there was a 2 year old involved, that means, we had quite the job on our hands to get him to want to be photographed! If you know anything about me and my kids (who never want to be photographed) then you'll know that Melissa and Jay were in good company. Mom and Dad handled the situation beautifully by just remaining calm and trying to make fun of the situation. We put on some Thomas the Tank Engine tunes and had a little dance party to break the ice. Eventually big brother relaxed and started to have fun... I mention this, not to take away from the sweetness and newness of the new baby arriving home, but because I feel like so many parents would start feeling flustered and overwhelmed. If this ever happens to you, remain calm and just go with the flow... it will all be ok.

It was a wonderful time welcoming Fletcher home, he is so calm, cool and collected. I'm so excited for this new family of 4 to start on their journey with Fletcher by their side.

The Glow | a maternity shoot with Kathryn

This very talented little mama came into my life around 2011 (ish) when she started dating one of my husbands bff's (still with me?)... Justin and Jake made our worlds collide and here we are, 6 years later, married and grown up! MOTHERS!!!!

Kathryn is a very talented designer who recently, took her show on the road and started her own company, The Everyday Co. She has done a beautiful job creating + growing it and continues to wow the home decor community. Her success certainly didn't come from luck, she's the true definition of a hussla' . She's working her tail off and it is paying off in big ways.

KAY - I wish you luck on your own personal journey of figuring out how you're going to balance it all! If anyone can do it, it's you.

Gina + Ian | A wedding at the Endicott Estate

This was such a beautiful, warm + sunny, love filled day that I was so glad to be a part of. Gina and Ian are not only fantastic people on their own, but i was so happily delighted to quickly learn they both derive from such love filled and exuberant families... so you can imagine the good time that was had celebrating all of the love!

At this wedding I witnessed, thee BEST mother-son dance - which was to "always look on the bright side of life" and thee BEST father serenade to his daughter "Gina Beena" (which included the 4 piece family band). It was one of those weddings that leaves a smile on your face for days after.

Gina and Ian, thank you for letting me be part of such a beautiful moment... xoxo