1.1.11 Make a Wish!

On the very early morning of 1.1.11 Justin and I went out for a nice walk along the Boston pier. It was a very warm New Years day and he had just hosted an epic 500 person party for his company. Excited and eager we walked around Boston with our cameras, taking pictures, reminiscing of this time last year. {NYE 2010 was when I briefly met Justin...and my world changed! } As we were walking he got up on some rocks and said "let me model for you" {He knows how much I love taking pictures of people, and capturing emotion}. There he was modeling and being the goofball that he is... and there I was, without a clue, snapping away! He got down on one knee and put his hand in his pocket {still no clue & still snapping away} and pulled out a little black box with gold corners. La la la, still checking my settings and snapping. He started to open the box and I realized what was going on!!!! "ARE YOU SERIOUS!" I yelled, followed by "AAAHHHHH, OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!" {Here are a few pics I snapped of my own engagement!}