2015 | Personal project - recap of the year

This year for me has just been... absolute chaos... I can't even believe I survived! Since I lived, I'll tell the story...

In a nutshell, we had a baby, moved a few times {were homeless for a few months}, settled into a new home, took a few trips, shot a few weddings, newborns and families.... It was nothing short of chaotic, emotional, painful, taxing, extraordinary, rewarding, joyful, and tiring!

I am proud to say I really stepped up my game with bringing my camera places... it's always a question for me "do I bring my camera with me?"... I've really learned that when I don't have it, I always want it... when I do have it, I will use it at least once. For me it's finding a balance between documenting my life and actually living it!

As my sisters used to call me "Media Arts Girl"... I've always had a camera, either video or still, and documenting every moment... I earned dual degree's in  Broadcast Journalism + Studio Art and learned more about how to document.... and.... I guess, I'm coming to realize that it really is my one true passion! 

My mom always told me as I went through college "April, if you don't do art, you'll flunk out"... I always thought she was crazy but this year I really understand what she means. Being creative and making things is what I've done since I was like... idk, 2 years old... and so for me, being able to have photography as an outlet has been so beneficial for my mental health! Through all the stress and agony of figuring out... our life together, juggling a business, moving etc... I was able to jump behind my camera and get my zen on...

Life is moving at a pace I cannot even comprehend right now... and I'm so glad to be able to look back at it all! #photographyrules

here are a few of my favs