A Beach Session with the Breer Family

The beautiful Breer Family… I have been documenting Emily and Bert since they got engaged! The best part about growing with my clients is, we get to remenisce about all the places they’ve lived before (because I’ve been to all of them) and how awesome their wedding was… and fast forward 6 years later how much all of our lives have changed. It’s really a treat for me and always makes me excited for each shoot.

Emily & Bert are expecting their third baby which will be a GIRL! After 2 boys their family dynamic is about to get a little sweeter and a little softer :) I am so excited to meet this little lady once she arrives.

This session was the perfect session at Duxbury Beach… we were waiting on storms and rain all day and it never showed up! As you can see the skies were perfect for a little walk and then a little off roading onto the most serene part of the beach at the best time of the day.