Becky + Mark | An Engagement on Castle Island, Boston

What is my dream as a photographer? Besides my long list of goals... most importantly for me, is for my subjects to be comfortable to be themselves in front of me. Just to be together, not caring what I'm doing or thinking or what bench/wall/any object I'm climbing to get the perfect shot. My dream is to have each and every one of my clients to simply... act as if I'm not there! The goal for me is to capture each couple as they are, naturally, in real life... {just looking extra insanely good doing it!}. Well Becky and Mark certainly had no troubles doing just that. These two are so much fun and completely and clearly adore each other. It was one of those shoots that I walked away feeling all toasty and tingly inside. Needless to say, I cannot wait to capture their wedding day! It's going to be off the hook.

Peace, Love & Belly Laughs,

April K


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