Wedding Details!

He asked, you said YES!!! Now what? {I hear you sister}... So much planning goes into your big day whether you're having a big swaray or exchanging vows in your parents backyard. Large or small, you're still planning possibly the biggest event you'll ever throw for yourself. Well, where do you start and what really makes a good wedding, AWESOME?! I think for every bride it's different so I'll just give you my opinion as a bride to be planning her "bash of a lifetime".

{Sweet Like Honey} What makes a wedding great, in my opinion, is you and your honey! I think this is something that is very easy to lose site of when you first start the planning process. Keep your feet on the ground while your head's in the clouds. Know that whatever you chose will be perfect as long as you're both radiating happiness on your big day!

{Venue-rific} Admittedly this is where I'm currently hung up… What the heck kind of venue do you go with?! Indoor, outdoor, beach, mountains, vineyard, barn… they all look great to me! So how do you chose? Call me old fashion but I'm all about great customer service. If I call a venue to find out information and someone is rude or short with me I say "NEXT". I'm going to look at a few different venues tomorrow and to talk to a travel agent about destination locations as well! Stay tuned...

{Gathering of The Vibes} This is where it's at! Any bride whether it's a friend, relative or stranger always agree upon one thing and usually one thing only… it's all about the people! Take a good long hard look at your guest list, are those the loved ones you've longed to spend your special day with? If you're going for romance then less is more. The more intimate you can make this occasion the more romantic the vibe will be. If you're going for blow out of the century then by all means, invite everyone you know! Just be cognizant that the people will create the vibe. I've been to so many spunky weddings with lots of people young at heart, singing and gettin' their groove on and the vibe of the wedding was off the wall. The energy illuminating from the celebration was monumental {and the pictures were crazy good to prove it, I got right in on that dance party}.

{Details, Details, Details} Yes folks, this is the puddin' pie! In addition to the "Vibe", details are how you make a wedding your own. This is taking your plain white T and bedazzling it with sparkles, puffy paint and ribbons {Ok maybe not so tacky but you catch my drift?}. Success is in the details BECAUSE the details are what is going to show your character. Some people you invite aren't going to you know you and your honey as intimately as others and the details are a way to subtly show people what you're all about. See those red shoes up there in that picture? Those are from my dear friend Jenny's wedding this past May. Now, of all the weddings I've been in she is the only bride to wear bright red shoes!!! This was an extraordinary move on her part because those shoes illuminate just what kind of character she is... She loves everything glamourous and fashionable. I am starting to see this in the past few years, brides getting brave and wearing one bold piece whether it's bright shoes or a dazzling necklace. In my opinion a piece that POPS looks stunning in pictures and creates a sense of 'high fashion'. Perhaps one way of going about planning is how you would decorate a room in your house. Pick a few details that you can't live without and build up from there! Don't be afraid to color outside the lines and get crazy with details! Someone once told me that wedding details are the most fun to plan and just about the only thing {besides honey of course} that keeps you happy and interested while planning!