Gina + Ian | A wedding at the Endicott Estate

This was such a beautiful, warm + sunny, love filled day that I was so glad to be a part of. Gina and Ian are not only fantastic people on their own, but i was so happily delighted to quickly learn they both derive from such love filled and exuberant families... so you can imagine the good time that was had celebrating all of the love!

At this wedding I witnessed, thee BEST mother-son dance - which was to "always look on the bright side of life" and thee BEST father serenade to his daughter "Gina Beena" (which included the 4 piece family band). It was one of those weddings that leaves a smile on your face for days after.

Gina and Ian, thank you for letting me be part of such a beautiful moment... xoxo

Kate + Jason | Wedding at the Artist for Humanity Epicenter | Boston Wedding

I'm SO honored that Kate and Jason chose me to shoot their love celebration! This was such a fun wedding to shoot for so many reasons, one being that I absolutely adore Kate and her friends... So knowing that I was getting to hang with these girls all day was a treat in itself, ha ha. 

You may recall the super fun engagement shoot we did over the summer, that was when I knew this wedding day was going to be so magical. Kate and Jason just have this energy about them that glows with excitement for life, so you can imagine the positive vibe that was radiating from each and every person there to help celebrate. 

Their wedding day was a crisp and sunshiny December day in downtown Boston. As soon as Kate was finished getting ready, we headed up to the stunning rooftop of The Envoy for their first look. Jason waited patiently for his bride, who snuck up behind him...and just as he turned around to take his first look, a big gust of wind woooooshed Kate's veil into the air and around Jason... it was such a fun and magical moment. We then took a nice walk down by the Barking Crab and the waterfront. After the sunset, we headed over to the Artist for Humanity Epicenter for a cozy and romantic ceremony followed by a beautiful and energetic reception.

Kate and Jason I wish you a beautiful journey together... I am confident there will be no lack of love, laughter and adventure! xo

Jon + Meaghan | Boston wedding at the ritz carlton

This day will go down in history as one of my favorites to photograph... not because of the gorgeous flowers or her beautiful lace dress... but because the people at this wedding were simply, amazing. The love that filled each room was so contagious. Meaghan's girls were so much fun, I love when the "maids" are so friendly, helpful and energetic, it makes the day so enjoyable. They were all so overwhelmingly excited and happy for Meaghan and they all shined with happiness. 

During the ceremony at Our Lady of Victories in downtown Boston, Jon was bursting with excitement the first time he saw his bride walking down the aisle. The reception was filled with fun and excitement, great food and the soulful sounds of a live band. The dance floor was bustling with friends and family celebrating... a true love!

jess + paul | wedding at the willowbend country club

Jess and Paul are such a unique and loving couple, I was so honored when I was the very first vendor booked in Jess's wedding planning. Jess is so vivacious and full of life, she's a teacher (who's school kids cherish her), she's a twin, a daughter and the perfect match for Paul! Who is equally kind and gentle. 

Their wedding day was full of wonderful surprises and beautiful nieces and nephews (and Julia) to keep everyone on their toes!

I wish Jess and Paul the very best in their journey together through life!

venue: Willowbend CountryClub

hair/make up: Kimberly Richard 

dress: Alfred Angelo

bridesmaid dresses: Amsale 

shoes: Kate Spade

flowers: Fancy Florist 

music: Cape Tunes Scott Rosenthal 

cake: Montillios Bakery 

A Very Boston Wedding | Arielle + Daniel Fanuef

When I met with Arielle a few years ago, after she was recently engaged, she told me her friend from work told her, "If I ever had the chance to re-do my wedding, April would definitely be my photographer" so we met, had dinner, chatted, laughed our butts off and we left knowing that we would create wedding day magic!

2 years later, Arielle and Dan shared the most epic wedding day Boston has ever experienced. Without letting my words take over, this day was filled with so many tears of happiness, belly laughs and emotion. Let me tell you, as the photographer of such an emotional day (along with being an emotional person) it was really hard to control my camera shake during the laughter and focus the camera as my eyes were welling up during the parent dances!

From the moment dinner was served and the cake was cut, friends and family were entertained all evening. Along with their RSVP, each guest was asked to write down one word that described Arielle and Dan as a couple... well Dan and his Improv Asylum friends had a field day with this! Afterwards, Arielle and her girls, harnessed their inner Brittany Spears and was later joined by all of Arielle and Dan's nieces an nephews to create a flash mob experience on the dance floor. Holy smokes can that entire family dance, they were all in sync and gettin' down with their bad selves. 

Arielle and Dan, I had such a wonderful time getting to know you and may your lives together always be filled with as much love and excitement as you had on your wedding day. 



View Arielle + Dan's engagement shoot here

Wyatt & Becca's Beach Wedding | Turks & Caicos

Wyatt & Becca's wedding day was absolutely gorgous… seriously, a dream wedding. Becca has talked, for years, about wanting to have a destination wedding so as soon as Wyatt popped the question, the hunt for the perfect beach location was on. They decided to exchange nuptials on the white sand beaches of Turks & Caicos. With the warm tropical sun shining and the soft salty sea breeze blowing, it was the perfect day to have a love celebration.  

One of my favorite memories from Wyatt and Becca's wedding was their first dance. They danced to Tyrone Wells - You and Me On Top Of The World… and honestly, the giant smiles never left either one of their faces. The love they have for each other and the excitement that they were finally here, dancing in the tropics with all of their closest friends and relatives standing by, was so clear to see.

I wasn't the "hired photographer" but of course, I had to bring my camera along for such a special weekend!

Wyatt, I've been taking pics of you for along time and this moment was by far the most exciting!  I couldn't be any more proud of you. Becca I'm so excited to finally have you as my sister in law!

Christal's Bridal Portraits | A Wedding in the Finger Lakes, NY

The air was beautifully crisp and a fresh blanket of sparkly white snow lay on the ground. It was a special feeling day for a very special gal. Christal had a vision for her day and she executed what she envisioned, perfectly in her own way. For Christal, this day was about celebrating the love she shared with danny, with the people she loved most... which happened to be about 400 guests! 

As a bridesmaid, I wanted to make sure my attention was on Christal for the day... so I only had my camera with me in the morning.... here's how it went down.



There's me... 32 weeks pregnant, gettin' my shoot on!

MK + Matt get married at Duxbury Bay Maritime School

exuberant, vibrant and full of love are the words I'd use to describe MK... which is balanced so well by Matt's sweet and calm nature. When I met MK and Matt for their engagement shoot I loved them right from the start. They had their pick up truck packed full of firewood and a cooler full of beer and we headed to the beach to watch the sunset... my kind of people!

Their wedding day was one for the books, with as many bridesmaids and groomsmen as they had, the focus was still on them and they couldn't be more happy to start their journey together. The day had a very relaxed "beachy" yet excited tone so it was a lot of fun to shoot!

Venue: Duxbury Bay Maritime School - Duxbury,  MA
My beautiful 2nd shooter: Meghann Gregory Photography
Catering: The Silent Chef - Situate,MA
Live Music: The Marsels Band - Boston, MA
Flowers: Stapleton Flowers - S Boston, MA
Transportation: Ultimate Party Trolley - Boston, MA

jess + michelle | wedding on a sailboat in ogunquit, maine

Like all of the weddings I took on in 2014, I was extremely excited about this one because of it's intimacy and uniqueness. Jess + Michelle's nuptials were not only adventurously romantic, it was exactly what they wanted, together as a couple. 

In the midst of Jess + Michelle's wedding planning, something just felt off to them. They were feeling the strain and anxiety, you know that feeling you get when something's just not right... so they scrapped their plans and followed their hearts. 

The day #jessandmichellegethitched was one that I will never forget... I walked into the quiet room and there they were... just two gals chatting, laughing and hanging out. You know... getting ready for their Monday wedding! {haha, yes this took place on a fresh New England summer Monday} Michelle told me the craftsmanship behind her wedding gown which was made out of an actual Sail from a Sailboat by a friend who just graduated from fashion design school. And Jess told me the story of her confetti glitter kate spade heels that were bought to wear on her wedding day... before she was even engaged! Although this wasn't a big fancy "to do" wedding, it certainly did not lack  thoughtfulness and true meaning.  

We took a beautiful walk down to the 42 foot sailboat and it's crew, Captain Jack and Elliot. Silver Lining is her name... very appropriate after talking and hearing Captain Jack's story. We took a lovely and energetic two hour sail off the coast of Ogunquit, ME. We sailed off into the cloudy mist, changed direction of the sails a few times {not to mention I almost got taken out by "changing directions"}, had a magical 10 minute ceremony on the bow of the ship, celebrated merrily with a pizza pie and some brewski's and sailed back into the sunny coast.

There is no doubt that Jess and Michelle are going to enjoy the heck out of this crazy journey we call life, together.

amanda + jake | wedding at bell mer, newport, ri

When Amanda contacted me to ask If I would be willing to document her and Jake's wedding day, we discussed and I {without hesitation} said I would love to be there. I didn't know Jake at the time but what I knew of Amanda was that she surrounds herself with the most vibrant and beautiful people {which is how I met her... through family/friends}. So I knew this day was going to be overflowing with love and excitement in celebration of a life shared together. 

After I shot their engagement photos I got even more excited for July 5. Amanda and Jake are truly a match made in heaven... both hilariously funny, genuine, kind natured and adventurous. They already have spent so many of their days together traveling the world and discovering new places and spaces. They are pretty amazing people separately, together they are a barrel of laughs and share such a strong love. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that they will share a beautiful + magnificent journey together. 

Their wedding day was filled with so much love, not just between Jake and Amanda but between all of their closest friends and family that took part in their celebration. From the speeches to the dance floor, there wasn't an ounce of that room that wasn't filled with a contagious and electrifying vibrance for life. 

Jake + Amanda, I wish you all the best and can't wait to watch you live the life together that you deserve.