Custom Wedding Branding

Do you ever find yourself thinking:

  • You would really like to have an overall theme that represents your wedding day

  • You and your love don’t really fit into any of the typical “cookie cutter” wedding themes out there

  • How the hell do brides find time to fine-tune all of those annoying details while having a life?

If you often find yourself drooling over those perfectly styled weddings that are plastered all over wedding blogs and pinterest I have the perfect person for you to meet.

Becky Pleshaw, founder of RP Design, who specializes in custom wedding branding.

April: What exactly is custom wedding branding?

Becky: Wedding branding sets the theme for a couple’s special day. It includes the colors, typography, imagery, and general style for all of the printed wedding materials, from save the dates to thank you cards. Branding provides a common thread that pulls together all wedding communication and compliments the overall look and feel.

April: You are a great resource for couples who know what sort of theme or brand they want for their day, but what about those couples who have absolutely NO IDEA!?

Becky: Typically there is already a foundation for design that we can uncover by discussing some basics.  Will the wedding be casual or formal? Daytime or evening? In a ski lodge, or on a beach? I can leverage what details couples already have, such as a bridesmaid color or wedding location, and build a complete brand from the ground up.

April: Do you have a process that you use to work with couples to help figure out what would best represent them?

Becky: I work with couples one-on-one to lay out their brand in a really organized way. I like to keep it as easy as possible for them, but I welcome whatever level of involvement they’d like to have in the process. We will decide on the general theme and work our way down the line, choosing a color scheme, typography style and any other graphics we plan on using throughout. We then define which materials they want customized and finalize the branding kit. The most important thing is that they are happy with the results and have a brand that’s perfect for them.


April: What look and overall theme was this couple wanting to achieve and how did you come to your final overal look?

Becky: Christine and Travis are getting married in Boothbay, Maine and they wanted their wedding materials to bring out the character of their location. They had a good idea of what they wanted and we worked together to bring their theme to life. Once we established the vintage postcard style save the date, I continued to incorporate the wedding colors, typography and custom imagery throughout the rest of the pieces that Christine and Travis would need.

April: Why should couples talk with you before checking out any other custom branding resource?

Becky: In addition to my passion for design, I have extensive experience in marketing, brand creation and strategic thinking. I take pride in my work and couples will feel confident that their entire design process is in good hands. I love getting to know the people I work with and together we will achieve the perfect theme for their wedding.

To find out more about what Becky offers, check out RP Design’s website and follow the blog!

Peace, Love & Branding,

April K