Enjoy a moment of love, a dream, a laugh, a kiss and cookies :)

Whenever we get hit with an ice storm, snow storm or even a tropical storm I feel like it's god's way of saying "slow down". When we lose power, we lose internet and the world as we currently know it… facebook, google, skype, TMZ.com… are no longer at our fingertips. No more computer in front of your face, no more watching TV… it's just you, your friends/family and your imagination.

I believe It's good for the soul.

Maybe storms aren't such a curse (if you get out safe) but more of a blessing in disguise. Sometimes I feel we all just need to stop and smell the roses, take a look around and enjoy the little moments we rarely stop to notice.

During the hurricane Justin and I finally got a day together alone. Rarely does that happen these days so when it does, we REALLY soak it up.

So what did we do you ask?

Well, we did what any sugar-licious people would do and baked chocolate chip cookies!

We weathered the storm and drove to Whole Foods in our rain jackets and swim shorts. We grazed the aisles as we were the only 2 in the store!

After we got home, we put on music and had a cookie party :)

Well, really Justin baked the cookies while I practiced shooting in low light! Something I am determined to nail.

Finally, we got to chat about nonsense, have a staring contest and eat amazing food until our belly's hurt!

I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes "THE TIME YOU ENJOY WASTING IS NOT WASTED TIME".

Sometimes we feel rushed, stressed and overwhelmed just trying to pack in work, social life and staying healthy and active. How do you balance it all and still sneak in a day of "wasting"?

I suppose if you are productive in the time you're "wasting" it's ok… especially if it's a yummy treat you're cookin' up!!!

After the storm was all said and done, we lost power only sporadically, luckily not during the baking portion of our day. No one in our neighborhood was harmed and we escaped with a few branches in the front lawn, thank you god!

The day after the storm was as calm and beautiful as can be… as if the storm washed away all the stress.

This personal post, if  you chose to read it, is a visual reminder to enjoy a moment of love, a dream, a laugh, a kiss and cookies :)

Soak up the last days of bikini, beach and BBQ weather SLOWLY and with intention...