Holiday Mini's 2016 | Westwood Mini Sessions

It turns out that a lot of magic can come from 10 minutes! It was a dreamy lit, mid morning photography relay for me as my assistants Megan + Kristen greeted families with a smile when they arrived... oogling over the beautiful babies and adorable children.... excitement filled the air. I really really really enjoyed my first experience with Holiday Mini sessions and I think they all did too, here's what some had to say...

"I am quickly realizing that 10 min with a fabulous photographer is usually better than hours with another." ~B.W.
"Do people tell you often enough that you're so talented and gifted at what you do?! You're amazing. Thank you" ~A.W.
"There are no words for how much I adore these!!!  You are so amazing, April- thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.  And I'm so appreciative of the bonus shots- you spoiled us!  And I can't believe how quickly you got these wrapped up and sent to us.  You are such a pro, sister.  Looks like it's time for me to get cracking on the holiday cards." ~ E.G.
"Omg April! You are amazing!!! How did you capture such great photos in such short time? I LOVE these. Thank you so much! I'm definitely hanging one on the wall, I'm thinking the one in front of the blue door. You are so talented girl." ~K.P.
"Omg!!! I absolutely love!!! You are such an amazing incredible genius!!! Ahhhhh!!" ~K.C.
"10 minutes is what sold my Husband and I'm so glad, I absolutely adore these, thank you thank you thank you!!!!" ~K.H.

Thank you to my handy helpers Kristen and Meghan!