Honeymoon in Kauai

Wow, did I just do a time warp through February? It sure feels like it. Ah, it's good to be back after a nice two week honeymoon on the island of Kauai. Justin and I really soaked up the sun and sites of the dramatic landscape. We hiked 8 miles along the Na Pali Coast, watched beautiful natural water falling into pools you can swim in, whales breaching, dolphins jumping, vibrantly colored fish playing and laid on the un-touched secluded beaches...Does it get any better?

See, Justin and I have never been on a vacation ALONE, this was our first time. It was so amazing having him to myself for that long. We both brought our camera's with us, however, I left mine in the room most of the time. We rented a Jeep Wrangler and you can un-zip the windows, I didn't feel comfortable leaving my $$ camera equipment in there. Instead I brought along a little point and shoot that has decent video quality. So a home video is what I have in store for you today!


Peace, Love & Sunshine!

April K