Personal | Happy Birthday Kyleigh

This is my niece, Kyleigh. She was the first niece I ever had and was born the year I graduated from college, I was 21. She was the first baby in the family and the first little model I ever had... This girl has been shot with every model of Nikon since the D200 (as you can see from the earlier photos). Anyone who knows me personally knows all about Kyleigh and how special she is to me. I'm not only her aunt, but her god mother and we also share the same middle name!

When I lived closer to home, we used to see each other often and she would run to the door in such excitement whenever I came to see her... we would spend every waking hour together on the weekends I stayed with her,  when it was time to say goodbye we would both cry. The bond we share is so special and that is why I'm sharing, a little piece of my heart. 

Today Kyleigh is 11 years old, say what? She has grown to be such a thoughtful, strong, beautiful inside and out, brave, flexible, empathetic, and lovable young girl. 

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Here are some of my favorite memories together