Living Out A Dream {Shredding In Colorado}

{Preface} I will start this entry by first apologizing that there are hardly any pictures to show from my 7 day trip to the Rockies! While I shredded the first day with my camera on my back, I had full intentions of taking pictures!!! I really did. However, the snow was too fresh to stop & take the camera out of the bag! {The Sitch} 14 POWDER HUNGRY 20-somethings headed out to Winter Park, CO in celebration of Lisa's 30th Birthday. What a celebration it turned out to be!!! I have never in my life shredded on such deep, beautiful, fluffy, pow! It was like gliding across champagne.  Shredding in Colorado was truly a dream come true. Justin and I ended up skiing 6 consecutive days in Arapahoe Basin, Winter Park, and Vail and left thirsty for more!