My Life | Summer Time Swim

Summer time... and the livin' is... well, it's been really super busy for me. I was happy that I could find time to have my sister Kristy and her family here to visit for a few days. She comes with Luke and the kids at least once a summer to enjoy the New England sites. It's always fun to have my gal pal and niece Kyleigh by my side and to see how quickly Cohen and Quinn are growing. The boys are both complete hams and all three of them will do anything to make you laugh. The boys also love to see their BFF Justin {and Justin loves having a good reason to watch cartoons and act like a kid again}. Life moves so quickly and I find it's very important to make time to spend on these short but epic moments. I guess it all circles back to balance, which is hard to do mid-wedding season!

Here is a little snippet of my heaven...

Peace, Love & Wet & Wild Fun,

April K

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