My Toxic Facebook

About 2 years ago, before Sienna was born, I decided to take facebook off of my phone. It was annoying and I was sick of being "that person" who, while standing around waiting in public, would turn to my phone for amusement. Those people have always gotten on my nerves, why not smile or strike up a convo with a real live person right in front of you? I felt it was almost ruining my creativity because I was no longer observing or looking around me... I simply had my face in my phone 24/7. I also did not want to be "that mom" who's baby was screaming as I said "hold on honey, i'll change your diaper after I update my facebook status". To me, a lot of things in my life needed to go back to the good old fashion way. 

So I removed facebook from my phone and that was that. I called it "the cell phone cleanse" I felt great. I no longer cared much about my phone and even lost it from time to time... i know, i'm such a daredevil. 

My next "i hate facebook" moment was a few months later when I would find myself, needing to get work done, but instead would find myself sitting at my desktop computer looking at other photographers work via facebook {you cheeky social media addict, you}. Boy did this send me into a downward spiral of depression!!! Talk about creativity killer! I immediately recognized what was happening and de-friended all the photographers I hadn't met in person. In addition, I blocked all of their status updates from showing up on my feed. If you are a photographer reading this, I highly recommend doing this. Nothing is more distracting than looking at others work! Focus on your own. 

Well about a month ago I re-lapsed into hating facebook and decided that I wanted to "get off facebook"  all together... {geesh, I sound like some sort of addict} so I did... I shut down my personal facebook page and felt... a sigh of relief. It actually felt like a medium size weight was off my shoulders. Well, that only lasted for about... 3-4 days. Something about it made me feel like I was missing out on the rest of the world. What a skewed perception, huh?

So after reading this very spot on article by David duChemin and watching this incredibly scary documentary called Terms & Conditions May Apply on Netflix, and coming across this amazing rant all in the same week... I realized that I need to follow my gutz and just go for it. {What better time did this come than after July 4th... the day that we honor our country and those who fought for our rights that we so take for granted, especially when it comes to privacy.}

So if you want to stay up to date on what's going on in the world of April K Photography or even a few personal stories from little old me, you can do so by visiting this blog on the regular! This is where I'll be hanging out ;)

Peace, Love & Freedom!


p.s. - mom, you were right.... again