Nokia at Burton US Open Snowboarding Pt.1 | Stratton, Vermont

As some of you may already know by my constant Tweeting, Instagram and Facebooking, Nokia Connects sent me to the Burton US Open this past weekend. What an experience it was. First of all let me educate you a little about a few things. Nokia Connects - Nokia is a Finnish company who specializes in making phones and devices for communication. Nokia Connects is a fragment of the company who specializes in the human interaction of all Nokia business and making it more personal.

Why is Nokia at a snowboarding competition? They have another fragment of the company dedicated to progression, check out the open forum on Nokia Push Snowboarding. Their goal is to team up with Burton and riders and creating a kit capable of providing insights into what's happening both physically and mentally to snowboarders - making visible what until now has been invisible.

Burton always does a great job with pushing for creativity in the progression of snowboarding. This year at the Open, there was a big push on progression of ramps and parks. There was a competition between all of the jump builders, whoever had the most creative ramp wins $700 in cash.

This was such an awesome experience from start to finish. Waylon aka Hype Man and I got hooked up with tons of fresh Burton shwag, a new Nokia Lumia 800 and VIP passes that got us everywhere with no questions asked :) That's what I'm talkin' bout.

My favorite part of this shoot was definitely when my friend Kate and I went into the glades to rip it up and to take some product shots. The Glades are the most peaceful place to me, the snow on the trees makes it virtually sound proof and you can lay there, resting and listening to the snow fall.

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