Pre-Wedding "Brain Dump" | Boston Wedding Photography


Amongst the chaos in my life I always try and find a little bit of peace & quiet to stop and realize what's actually happening right before my very eyes! This is my blog letting you know what will go through your head right before the big day comes… (or maybe they won't, maybe I'm weird, IDK).

Holy shit, I'm about to get married to the person I respect and adore so much…

wait a second… I'm getting married?

Am I old enough for this?

Woah, it costs how much?!

Is that an extra zero?

Do I really value drapery that much?

I hope the DJ doesn't suck

I hope nothing catches on fire, eek that would suck!

Man I can't believe it!

**Starts blowing nose** Life goes so fast!

I love you babe, ugh you're so magical (lol)

These feelings may or may not be normal, but that's pretty much been my roller coaster of emotions lately. Today we both started writing thank you cards to the bridal party and I found myself laughing in one sentence and crying in the next. I feel like having a wedding is more than the pony show some people make it out to be.

Weddings are about realizing your achievements, relishing in the moment of being in love with such an amazing soul and energetic about the journey you're about to take on together! They're also about making time for what's most important in your life; family and friends.

Lately, for me, life get's moving way too fast, I can hardly keep up! That's why it's great to have a celebration this vast to show your gratitude and appreciation for the people who mean the most to you.

Art. Love. Life.

…all go hand in hand. "the real work of art is the result of a magnificent struggle."  What makes life so magnificent? Love.

April K