Registering for My Wedding | Boston Wedding Photography

I know, I've been missing lately on the blog… I'm sorry, I will never leave you again! As many of you know, Justin and I decided to switch our date for a 2nd time from September 24th to January 28th, go go gadget planner! See, I'm a girl who lives life with intent and it just didn't make sense to me why I was waiting for a specific season or even sillier, a specific type of weather to show the world how much I love my man! {Thanks for the pep talk JTizz}.

So instead of ignoring my little Bloggies while I plan my own wedding, I've decided to invite you along my crazy speed wedding planning journey!

...Sit back, put your feet up and make yourself cozy…

It all started on a beautiful afternoon, bright, sunny, perfect temps (50 degrees) and my love by my side.

We stormed down Boylston street with Starbucks in hand, waltzed through the doors of Crate & Barrel and Bam, before you know it we were the real life Supermarket Sweep!

Ok, now obviously this is the first time I've ever registered but my goodness, talk about having choices. We found ourselves debating over what shape wine carafe is best… what? To any brides who haven't registered yet, I would suggest doing some research about how many place settings to get and what essentials you need. Also, take inventory on what you already have before you go, no one likes clutter. Even if you don't get it all in one visit to the store you can easily go to the online store and add whatever you missed. It's so simple and quick.

Make an afternoon out of it, enjoy the journey and just know that while you're walking around with your scanner, it's perfectly OK to express a little PDA. There's nothing worse than a couple who is registering and look miserable together, this world could use a little more love!

Also, it's perfectly OK to lounge and relax in the furniture section… that's what it's there for! hehe

Peace, Love & Photography