Mini Sessions at Hale Reservation

Having a fall mini session is a great way for me to get to see all of my favorite families and meet new ones too! Mini sessions are a lot different than a full session, but a “quick n dirty” way to get that money shot for this years holiday card and, if planned well, used as gifts under the tree for those you love.

This year we had (luckily) the most gorgeous fall day in October… the leaves were at their peak and the weather was warmer. I am not lying when I say all of these kids did an amazing job in front of my camera… I was cooky enough to get some genuine smiles! 15 min is all it takes…

Welcome Home | Fletcher

This is probably one of my most favorite shoots and here is why... it's so real. Everything about it, we didn't fluff and we didn't get fancy... why? Because there was a 2 year old involved, that means, we had quite the job on our hands to get him to want to be photographed! If you know anything about me and my kids (who never want to be photographed) then you'll know that Melissa and Jay were in good company. Mom and Dad handled the situation beautifully by just remaining calm and trying to make fun of the situation. We put on some Thomas the Tank Engine tunes and had a little dance party to break the ice. Eventually big brother relaxed and started to have fun... I mention this, not to take away from the sweetness and newness of the new baby arriving home, but because I feel like so many parents would start feeling flustered and overwhelmed. If this ever happens to you, remain calm and just go with the flow... it will all be ok.

It was a wonderful time welcoming Fletcher home, he is so calm, cool and collected. I'm so excited for this new family of 4 to start on their journey with Fletcher by their side.