Mini Sessions at Hale Reservation

Having a fall mini session is a great way for me to get to see all of my favorite families and meet new ones too! Mini sessions are a lot different than a full session, but a “quick n dirty” way to get that money shot for this years holiday card and, if planned well, used as gifts under the tree for those you love.

This year we had (luckily) the most gorgeous fall day in October… the leaves were at their peak and the weather was warmer. I am not lying when I say all of these kids did an amazing job in front of my camera… I was cooky enough to get some genuine smiles! 15 min is all it takes…

Holiday Mini's 2016 | Westwood Mini Sessions

It turns out that a lot of magic can come from 10 minutes! It was a dreamy lit, mid morning photography relay for me as my assistants Megan + Kristen greeted families with a smile when they arrived... oogling over the beautiful babies and adorable children.... excitement filled the air. I really really really enjoyed my first experience with Holiday Mini sessions and I think they all did too, here's what some had to say...

"I am quickly realizing that 10 min with a fabulous photographer is usually better than hours with another." ~B.W.
"Do people tell you often enough that you're so talented and gifted at what you do?! You're amazing. Thank you" ~A.W.
"There are no words for how much I adore these!!!  You are so amazing, April- thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.  And I'm so appreciative of the bonus shots- you spoiled us!  And I can't believe how quickly you got these wrapped up and sent to us.  You are such a pro, sister.  Looks like it's time for me to get cracking on the holiday cards." ~ E.G.
"Omg April! You are amazing!!! How did you capture such great photos in such short time? I LOVE these. Thank you so much! I'm definitely hanging one on the wall, I'm thinking the one in front of the blue door. You are so talented girl." ~K.P.
"Omg!!! I absolutely love!!! You are such an amazing incredible genius!!! Ahhhhh!!" ~K.C.
"10 minutes is what sold my Husband and I'm so glad, I absolutely adore these, thank you thank you thank you!!!!" ~K.H.

Thank you to my handy helpers Kristen and Meghan!