The Glow | a maternity shoot with Amy

Capturing a woman's beauty while she's pregnant has quickly become one of my favorite things to photograph. The shoots don't last long, but they're so sweet and it's just such an exciting time to be apart of. I love watching families (and bellies) grow...

The Glow | a maternity shoot with Kathryn

This very talented little mama came into my life around 2011 (ish) when she started dating one of my husbands bff's (still with me?)... Justin and Jake made our worlds collide and here we are, 6 years later, married and grown up! MOTHERS!!!!

Kathryn is a very talented designer who recently, took her show on the road and started her own company, The Everyday Co. She has done a beautiful job creating + growing it and continues to wow the home decor community. Her success certainly didn't come from luck, she's the true definition of a hussla' . She's working her tail off and it is paying off in big ways.

KAY - I wish you luck on your own personal journey of figuring out how you're going to balance it all! If anyone can do it, it's you.

The Glow | a maternity session with Becca

Becoming a parent changes you in ways you didn't even think possible! Having just done so myself only a few short years ago, it's very fresh in my mind... which makes it extra exciting to watch my sister in law + brother join the tribe called parenthood! It's a great place to be

The Glow | a maternity session with Kristina

This girl... I've known her since the early days of elementary school and somehow, after all these years, we've kept in touch simply by making each other laugh! I was so happy and honored and lucky enough to have her and her family fly into Boston so that I could capture this very special time in her life.  Kristina, or as most people know her on social media as @lifeaskristinab, struggled with infertility for years and finally was blessed with twin boys... as luck would have it, she is now expecting (the unexpected) third child who happens to be a little girl! We shared soooo  many laughs together in the short time we spent together and I'm so excited to fly home in June to capture the Welcoming Home of her little girl. 

The Glow | a maternity session with Heather

How gorgous is this mama?! I don't have many words for how beautiful this session truly is, other than she left me wanting another baby! She's radiating that motherhood glow and it's contagious. Heather I couldn't be happier for you and I cannot wait to see how gorgous your little guy will be! 

Addababy Eetsa-boy

remember that old Geico commercial?! haha 

Yup, you read that right! Baby Obey #2 is on his way. I honestly can't even believe it... I'm still in shock, I thought for sure it was a girl. I always imagined myself with all girls or should I say, I never thought of myself as a boy's mom! Although pretty normal for most, it's just mind blowing for me, hahaha. 

I guess I shouldn't be so shocked that it's a boy, this pregnancy has been so different from my first. With Sienna I think I had morning sickness once and felt great most of the time. With my second pregnancy it's been a whole new world. I suffered from severe nausea the first trimester as well as an extra dose of extreme drowsiness (probably due in part to having a toddler to care for). 

Time has been flying by... I remember with Sienna I was just watching the clock, counting the days down, every minute seemed like an hour... now i'm naturally more busy and haven't had much time to think of names or nursery ideas, {more on nesting later}.

The due date of baby boy is just one day different than Sienna's (Feb 11 - his due date, Feb 10 - her due date). Hopefully he comes a little earlier than expected though :)

We have been eating EXTREMELY healthy over here too... Justin bought a Vitamix so he's been going to town on fruit and veggie smoothies. Sienna loves them and I suck them down as if they're milkshakes (which has surprisingly cut down on my ice cream intake). But don't worry... I'm still supplementing my pregnancy cravings with appropriate sweets like waffles, cookies and peanut butter cups... omg I can't get enough waffles in my belly!

Stay tuned for more!

Trusting The {Pregnancy} Process!

I am really happy that I decided to start posting about my pregnancy here on the blog because I’ve had SO MANY women reach out to me telling me their stories and sharing their experiences. It’s so awesome for me to experience while I’m pregnant but just to hear these stories, in general. What’s even cooler is a few of my past brides are now pregnant and it’s become a real “bonding” experience! I love talking about this with all you ladies, so if anyone has anything to add to any of these posts, by all means, share with us all! Pregnancy is a very unique experience for every woman.  In my experience, there seem to be 3 categories of pregnant women:

1. Those who absolutely love being pregnant and want to do it over and over and over again. {accounts for maybe 5% of the population}

2. Those who don’t mind it but can think of 100 things that are way better.

3. Those who absolutely hate the process and it doesn’t agree with their bodies.

I would pin myself as a category 2 pregnant woman, though each stage of pregnancy I really struggled with something within myself.

The First Trimester: It was May when I found out, which immediately means no more drinking… right before the hot summer time. Ooo was that hard! To go all summer, the long hot days, with out one ice-cold brew to quench my thirst. Talk about a challenge! I also struggled with fatigue… I’m talking I was a narcoleptic through and through.  I have SO MUCH respect for those pregnant women who trudge into corporate day in and day out; I know my sister told me she used to go out to her car and nap. I would be sitting at my computer editing away and it would set in… I could just put my head on my keyboard and pass right out. Suddenly my hardwood desk was the most comfortable spot in the house! In addition, the fit and trim body that I’d been working on for years was starting to vanish. There went my 4 pack abs {I mean who really can get the last 2 abs on the bottom to show without being crazy about it?!} bye bye to my fit legs and waistline. I simply looked like I had raided the shelves of Dunkin Donuts for the past 3 months. Talk about sexy!

The Second Trimester: Finally, I was getting my energy back gradually and starting to go to the gym. I was energetic again and feeling great, just in time for the majority of my weddings to take place. I was running around these weddings like “it ain’t no thang”. I still wasn’t over the whole not being able to drink thing, but I did let myself have a glass of red vino every now and then.  By the end of this trimester I was finally starting to grow my belly, which really made me happy and I truly started feeling pregnant, feeling the baby kick for the first time and all. Perfectly named the “honeymoon trimester” it was just that for me. Happy, glowing, energetic and eating every type of fruit in sight, this isn’t so bad.

The Third Trimester: Ooook, when is this gonna be over? Clearly pregnant with an ever-growing belly to prove, I am still feeling energetic at the beginning but that dwindles down by the last month. In my last month I’m pretty tired, not as tired as the first trimester though, but I've definitely been hibernating. I don’t sleep at night because you have to lay on your side and that causes my bum to go numb {sciatica}. I get up about 5 times/night to pee and in between tossing and turning my body simply just doesn’t want to sleep. There have been nights where both Justin and I are completely wide awake, we got up and ate breakfast at 4 a.m. Mother nature is really gearing us up for what is about to happen. The baby is getting heavier inside of me, which is causing lower back pain. The only relief I’ve found from aches and pains of pregnancy, is doing prenatal yoga. I bought the DVD of Heather Seiniger’s Yoga Pregnancy and it’s helped my sciatica and lower back pain as well as the small aches and pains that come with the whole package. Those once, wee flutter kicks, now feel like she’s droppin’ ‘bows into my rib cage and finishing me off with a 1-2 sucker punch to the gut.  Let’s just say, I don’t think she’s dainty by any means! haha.

Pregnancy is definitely not only a physical process but also a mental process. From watching yourself grow larger and larger right before your very eyes is enough to drive any woman mad! TRUSTING IN THE PROCESS…this is a phrase used among the creative realm I work in… but it’s certainly true of pregnancy. I have consistently been telling myself “you’re not fat April, you’re pregnant” but it’s hard not to feel like a 2 ton beached whale while you're getting out of bed or up off the couch. I think for me it’s the lack of being my normal fast moving and flexible self, I feel stifled and stagnant. Now I TOTALLY understand why old people move so slow… their poor bodies. I miss the gym, I miss lifting weights, I miss running… did I ever think those words would come out of my mouth?! In the time it used to take me to run 4 miles I can now only waddle/walk 1 mile… and at this point {2 weeks away from due date} I can’t walk very far at all unless a bathroom is on the way! {Oh and btw, I totally pee'd my pants on accident for the first time the other day… lol this will happen once or twice to all of you still in early pregnancy… and when it does I hope you laugh your ass off}.

Oh ma nature, you’re getting the best of me right now.  I know it’s all in the process and I’m trusting the process will bring me a happy and healthy baby girl!

Peace, Love & Waiting....

April K