Knightlee | welcome home

I love babies... I always have, ever since I was a baby! I carried baby dolls with me everywhere and when my first niece was born it was the most amazing experience, to become an Aunt. Being an Aunt has come to be one of my favorite titles because you have such a fierce love for this child that isn't even yours... but they're your siblings so you love them as if they're your own. There is an unwritten magical and special bond as an aunt... and I'm lucky to be one, now, 6 times over!

It is my greatest pleasure to help welcome my oh so cuddly, smells so newborn fresh and is the tiniest (but strong) lil baby ever born into my family... Knightlee Michael Krueger, welcome to the world and into our family! You're in good hands with your mommy + daddy.

Aba loves you!

welcome home marlowe

As soon as I opened the door to greet the Tilden Family, I could feel the love for their new baby girl practically pouring out the door. Baby Marlowe made her debut on April 14 and boy is she a beauty... but that's not surprising because look at her parents! I loved meeting and hanging with the Tilden's and their cool pup Maui (best dog name ever). 

I look forward to watching that little nugget grow into a beautiful little girl!


welcome home Caroline | Weston newborn photography | boston newborn photography

Spring is in the air and the sweet aroma of flowers and new little bitty babies fill the air...

Creating this post to share is pretty bitter sweet for me... on one hand I love the Cavanagh Fam so seeing Alyss and Chris is always fun and I couldn't be happier for them and the life they've created for themselves... but on the other hand, I cannot believe how fast babies grow up. Little baby Catherine is now 2 years old!!! Say what?!

When did that happen?! After living these very moments in my own life and then living them again, in a much broader sense, through lives of those who have me document them, it's mind blowing how fast it all happens. As a child yourself I'm sure the time went very slow, for me it did. But as the years go on, the time seems to fly... and these moments pass so so so quickly.

I was so honored to be called back to the Cavanagh's to document baby Caroline's "welcome home".  She was so teeny tiny and angelic. Catherine was a total ham and I loved playing with her, she's such a good girl. I look forward to watching them grow!

Kiss + cuddle your little ones extra long tonight ;)



Newborn | Welcome Baby Cora!

This beautiful little angel is a dainty little darling, who slept like a lamb {until she wanted more milk, haha}. Meeting her and her parents was such a great experience. They're the most loving and down to earth little family who I am so looking forward to watching grow over the next year. 

Newborn | Welcome Baby Cassidy | Newton Wellesley Hospital

I've had the greatest honor and pleasure of documenting so many special moments in Jen and Mike's lives, and this was no exception... the newest addition to the Davis family and Ashlynn's new little playmate, Cassidy is here (well she's been here for about a month now, I'm just finally getting to share it with all of you).  I was so happy when Jen said yes to my proposal of going to Newton Wellesley Hospital to document baby #2. I wanted to get Cassidy all snuggly and cozy with her big sis, unfortunately the timing wasn't perfect and she had to go get all of the newborn testing done so I couldn't have her for hours to go to town on newborn photography. Ashlynn was soooo happy to be a big sister and loved holding her little Moi Moi. I love the Davis's and cannot wait to share more of their growing family with you!

Newborn | Welcome Baby Claire

Meeting baby Claire was an absolute joy! She is the teeniest little girl with the biggest blue eyes. I met the Stahl Family at their home in the South End of Boston where we strolled around with baby Claire, since it was such a beautiful morning. We then headed up into their condo for some extra cozy photos of the sleeping angel! Amanda + Jake, Claire is blessed to have such awesome parents like you! I can't wait to see her grow into a little beauty.

Baby Bliss

Agh, this was such an awesome newborn shoot. Jillian had found me through a friends recommendation and I was so happy she contacted me. Jillian and Andrew are a breath of fresh air, so unique and such loving parents. Bliss is one lucky lil lady! Here is her debut...

Welcome Catherine! | Beacon Hill Newborn Photography

With the snow falling softly I raced around the empty snow covered streets of Boston. The air was quiet.  As I pulled up to their very picturesque piece of Beacon Hill, I stepped out of the car to meet a beautiful old woman shoveling, we exchanged smiles and our amazement on how magical it was outside. Alyss and Christopher welcomed me into their home with warm hugs and little baby Catherine in his arms. I love the energy of brand new parents, it's so contagious for me... the soft and gentle voices just exuberating with so much amazement and happiness mixed with just a dash of happy exhaustion. Alyss told me a few stories about her labor, which she did with no epidural {god bless her!} and Christopher proudly added in how well she did and how amazing she was. Having a new baby is absolutely life changing, but it also really makes you realize how much you love the one you're with.

Catherine is a very lucky little lady to have such great parents and is one cutie pie with a great head of hair!

Peace, Love & A Snow Angel,

April K