Welcome Home Ronin

Another session with my friends… this time, Thanh and Will who live just outside of Boston. Much to their surprise baby Ronin arrived 4 weeks early. He was sweet and quite a treat to photograph as he never woke once… but did give me that “I see you” smile as he tried to fight his heavy eyelids. Haha… even at the very newest stages of life a little personality shines through! I can’t wait to watch this boy grow.

Welcome Home | Fletcher

This is probably one of my most favorite shoots and here is why... it's so real. Everything about it, we didn't fluff and we didn't get fancy... why? Because there was a 2 year old involved, that means, we had quite the job on our hands to get him to want to be photographed! If you know anything about me and my kids (who never want to be photographed) then you'll know that Melissa and Jay were in good company. Mom and Dad handled the situation beautifully by just remaining calm and trying to make fun of the situation. We put on some Thomas the Tank Engine tunes and had a little dance party to break the ice. Eventually big brother relaxed and started to have fun... I mention this, not to take away from the sweetness and newness of the new baby arriving home, but because I feel like so many parents would start feeling flustered and overwhelmed. If this ever happens to you, remain calm and just go with the flow... it will all be ok.

It was a wonderful time welcoming Fletcher home, he is so calm, cool and collected. I'm so excited for this new family of 4 to start on their journey with Fletcher by their side.

Knightlee | welcome home

I love babies... I always have, ever since I was a baby! I carried baby dolls with me everywhere and when my first niece was born it was the most amazing experience, to become an Aunt. Being an Aunt has come to be one of my favorite titles because you have such a fierce love for this child that isn't even yours... but they're your siblings so you love them as if they're your own. There is an unwritten magical and special bond as an aunt... and I'm lucky to be one, now, 6 times over!

It is my greatest pleasure to help welcome my oh so cuddly, smells so newborn fresh and is the tiniest (but strong) lil baby ever born into my family... Knightlee Michael Krueger, welcome to the world and into our family! You're in good hands with your mommy + daddy.

Aba loves you!

welcome home jack

Welcoming home baby Jack Montone...

As I made my way to the Montone house, I drove slowly past each beautiful brownstone and was just relishing in the beauty within Brookline. 

Hanging out with this sweet and beautiful little boy was magic. He's surely in good hands with his parents. 

welcome home teddy

To me, the best part about being a professional photographer, is being able to freeze a second in time of a sweet stretch or a little yawn and turn it into a photograph that will be cherished for a lifetime. Making a piece of artwork that is so... emotionally charged and the ability to take any parent back to that very moment in time... that is why I do what I do.

Here is baby Teddy... his long awaited arrival happened on May 6th and we couldn't be more excited for the Vozzella Family. He's tiny and sweet and a spitting image of his older bro, Owen. 

I am so looking forward to documenting their friendship as they grow up together! We love you, Teddy!

welcome home Caroline | Weston newborn photography | boston newborn photography

Spring is in the air and the sweet aroma of flowers and new little bitty babies fill the air...

Creating this post to share is pretty bitter sweet for me... on one hand I love the Cavanagh Fam so seeing Alyss and Chris is always fun and I couldn't be happier for them and the life they've created for themselves... but on the other hand, I cannot believe how fast babies grow up. Little baby Catherine is now 2 years old!!! Say what?!

When did that happen?! After living these very moments in my own life and then living them again, in a much broader sense, through lives of those who have me document them, it's mind blowing how fast it all happens. As a child yourself I'm sure the time went very slow, for me it did. But as the years go on, the time seems to fly... and these moments pass so so so quickly.

I was so honored to be called back to the Cavanagh's to document baby Caroline's "welcome home".  She was so teeny tiny and angelic. Catherine was a total ham and I loved playing with her, she's such a good girl. I look forward to watching them grow!

Kiss + cuddle your little ones extra long tonight ;)



Newborn | Welcome Baby Cassidy | Newton Wellesley Hospital

I've had the greatest honor and pleasure of documenting so many special moments in Jen and Mike's lives, and this was no exception... the newest addition to the Davis family and Ashlynn's new little playmate, Cassidy is here (well she's been here for about a month now, I'm just finally getting to share it with all of you).  I was so happy when Jen said yes to my proposal of going to Newton Wellesley Hospital to document baby #2. I wanted to get Cassidy all snuggly and cozy with her big sis, unfortunately the timing wasn't perfect and she had to go get all of the newborn testing done so I couldn't have her for hours to go to town on newborn photography. Ashlynn was soooo happy to be a big sister and loved holding her little Moi Moi. I love the Davis's and cannot wait to share more of their growing family with you!

Hanging Around {my life}

Some of my favorites from Ethan's first month. He finished the month weighing in at 12 lbs and 22 inches... eating like a champion, sleeping like a baby {literally... hit or miss if we get any sleep around here} and blowing out diapers like, woah! Already in size 2 diapers and 6-12 month clothes. This lil whopper is a cuddly one with a sweet personality... he also often resembles an old man, sometimes. hehehe

A special welcome to my baby boy, Ethan


I know I know, I have been MIA for the last 3 weeks or as my gal pal told me “you went dark”

… well, honestly, I haven’t had time (or have really cared to make it a priority) to blog because girlfriend... I’ve been covered in blood, sweat, tears and milk… have been knee deep in poopy diapers all day and quite frankly, why would I want to do "work" when I have this perfect little angel in my arms? I call the first 3 months of having a baby, Survival Mode. You do what you can when you can and do whatever works! With this being my second, it puts a whole new meaning to survival mode!

For my favorite mama's out there, this ones for you! 

The second time around for me has been so much different in so many ways. Most importantly I know how fast this first year is going to go by, which is awesome on one hand and also really scary! The first year is the hardest, I’d say… but it’s also the time when they grow the fastest and change so much so I’m really trying to take it in this time. In addition, I have Sienna now competing for my attention. And when I do have a few moments when they're sleeping, that's when Justin is home and I’m not one to let my marriage take a back seat… so my time is pretty much spent!

But It’s been wonderful. and scary. and hectic. and emotional (oh the random tears)… I’ve gotten a lot of flack for not announcing Ethan’s birth on social media and my response is… sorry, I’m not sorry! Facebook & Instagram, I’m not your bitch! haha.

So what’s up? Well… let me just start by reassuring all of you mama’s out there that the rumor is true… the second child comes SO MUCH FASTER than the first. Holy cats! Sienna took me from start to finish about 18 hours… so I said to myself… what is fast? 10 hours? 8 hours? no… My contractions this time around started at 9:30pm and Ethan was born at 12:18am… less than 3 hours from start to finish! BOOM "you're now a mother of 2"

... say what?!

After it was all said and done I was laying on the delivery room table (very happy) saying to myself “what in the hell just happened?” hahaha

As I stared down at this BEAUTIFUL little creature I was in love. Ethan Justin Obey was born on Friday the 13th at 12:18 am. He is a big boy, weighing in at 9.8 lbs and 22 inches long! He came just before yet another blizzard hit Boston.

Now, at 3 weeks old, as I write this he is 11lbs 11oz and busting out of clothes for a 3 month old baby! (Onto 6 month clothes already?) So you can just imagine how much he's been eating!

Naturally as a newborn photographer I bought all sorts of really cute hats and other newborn goodies I anticipated using on Ethan… Unfortunately I didn’t know I was giving birth to a giant and he does not fit into anything I bought. In fact, he was almost too long to even fit on my posing beanbag!  His pediatrician took one look at him and said (in his adorable South African accent) "woah, this fella is a Moose!"

Like I stated in my goals, I had high hopes of having several newborn shoots but the reality of my life is that I barely had time for 1. It's said you should get newborn photos in the first 14 days but as the mother and the photographer, I did not have the energy to muster up to take photos until the 14th day. So Here are a few of Ethan on his 14th day (though when you hold him it seems like it's his 3rd month) that I did have time to snag during Sienna’s (very quick) nap time!

P.S. to my loyal mama followers, I resurrected my old THE RUNNIN MAMA blog to keep you posted on how it's going... because I know as a mama it's nice to know what others are going through while you are too! xoxo 

Welcome Stephen! | Boston, South End Newborn Photography

When I get to see a couple go from being engaged, to married, to having their first child... it's really special and what makes me love what I do. When I get asked again and again to capture all of these wonderfully blissful moments in the lives of such beautifully in love and happy people... it's what makes my {the} world go round. 

I couldn't be happier for you, Emily + Bert! xoxoxo

Welcome Sullivan | Boston Newborn Photography

Sullivan was one tired lil bear, which always makes for the perfect newborn model. Here are a few of my favorites from his newborn session.

Welcome Charlie | Boston Newborn Photography

The McKenna's are a very blessed match made in heaven. They met while she was living in Scotland {his home} fell in love and the rest is... well... happening right now!

Welcome to the world, Charlie!

Peace, Love & That sweet baby smell,

April K

Welcome Grayson | Boston Newborn Photography

When a boy from California and a girl from Upstate NY met, they knew it was love... and like all true love, it just grows and grows and grows. Ryan & Jenn recently welcomed the newest member of their family, Grayson Ryan. So sweet and sleepy, we had a great time during his very first photo shoot.

Peace, Love &  A Sleeping Dove,

April K