Welcome Home Oliver

Meeting the Mancinelli's was a breath of fresh air. Their excitement filled the house for their new baby boy, Oliver. I was so happy when Tami contacted me to shoot her maternity and welcome home photos of their baby boy... Where are her maternity photos you ask? Well, this lil guy decided he wanted to make a grand entrance early, so we never had a chance to actually take them!

Oliver is a love and so cute! He's snuggly yet so aware of his mommy and daddy... Establishing eye contact and saying hi to mama were some of my favorite moments of the day. He is one loved baby and is in great hands with Tami and Scott.

Enjoy these small moments while they last, soon you'll be looking back at these in awe of how you survived it all... Your heart, even more full and bigger than you'd ever imagined.

Newborn | Welcome Baby Grayson

When I first laid eyes on Grayson I was in love. His full luscious head of blonde hair was just the tip of the ice burg. He was the perfect little model, (he obviously picked up some tips from mom and dad!) and stayed sleeping for most of our time together... perfect!

Amy and Mark, I wish you all the best and I'm sure little Grayson will remain a complete angel!

Hanging Around {my life}

Some of my favorites from Ethan's first month. He finished the month weighing in at 12 lbs and 22 inches... eating like a champion, sleeping like a baby {literally... hit or miss if we get any sleep around here} and blowing out diapers like, woah! Already in size 2 diapers and 6-12 month clothes. This lil whopper is a cuddly one with a sweet personality... he also often resembles an old man, sometimes. hehehe

baby Ike

The sweetness of a newborn, there is nothing like it. Soft, sweet & sleepy... baby Ike nailed his first photoshoot!

Baby Bliss

Agh, this was such an awesome newborn shoot. Jillian had found me through a friends recommendation and I was so happy she contacted me. Jillian and Andrew are a breath of fresh air, so unique and such loving parents. Bliss is one lucky lil lady! Here is her debut...

Welcome Sullivan | Boston Newborn Photography

Sullivan was one tired lil bear, which always makes for the perfect newborn model. Here are a few of my favorites from his newborn session.