Thank God I Have These Photos! | My Wedding

As I sit here going through my wedding photos today I'm so overwhelmed with emotion. I am turning through saying "Ok i'm going to order this one for her, this one for them, this one for him" and it was really fun at first.  But sitting here really going through the ceremony bit by bit… all of the feelings I felt that day are rushing back to me! It's like a freight train of emotion! Just sitting here… examining each photo of all of the natural expressions going on throughout the day.

I quickly grabbed the box of Kleenex to prepare myself for the ceremony… looking at each picture of the girls walking down, what did they look like?

I didn't realize little Lilly and Quinn could work a crowd like they did coming down the aisle!

Cohen and Addie held their sign perfectly… well, kinda… Cohen was pulling Addie by the end of it.

And the look Justin had in his eye as he saw me walk down the aisle. (Yes, even though we did a first look it was JUST as emotional, as if we never saw one another yet that day).

What provoked me to write this blog post was when it got to the pictures of my father and I. I knew what I felt that day… but I didn't know what I looked liked walking down the aisle… I am SO THANKFUL I have these photographs capturing the tears running down my face as I realized what was happening. All of the people that mean the most to both Justin and I, there… together under one barn roof.

(As I write this I'm actually crying!)

Looking through these photographs make me so happy that I have these moments FOREVER.  I will hold this photograph of the tears running down my dad's face as he gave me away. And I'll alway have the look on Justin's face.

I'm not done examining all of my pictures yet, but when I am, I'll be sure to do a post featuring my favorites!

All photographs taken by the wonderful + beautifully talented, Michelle Gardella Photography

Peace, Love & Stay Tuned!

April K