Urban Epic - Boston

ur·ban [ur-buh n]–adjective 1. living in a city.

ep·ic [ep-ik]–adjective 1. heroic; majestic; impressively great

Bringing together the world of athletes, artists and everyone in between is exactly what the founders of the Urban Epic sought out to do… and crushed it!  The Urban Epic was born in Portland, OR by a group of “feel good’ers” who wanted to put the kibosh on triathlon cliques and open up the realm to anyone who wants in.  How awesome is that?!  As both an athlete and artist I am 100% sold on how amazing this event is and how much potential it has to be HUGE! Read more at - http://urban-epic.com/the-concept-of-urban-epic/

Now…If you were to compete in a 1/2 mile swim, 10 mile bike followed up by a 4 mile run how long would it take you to train? I'm thinking… a few months to mentally and physically prepare myself for a sprint triathlon, yeah that would be a good amount of time.  This was not the case for Justin Obey and Cortlandt Johnson who decided within weeks (Justin) and hours (Cort) that they were going to throw down at the Urban Epic this year.  Both competed well (naturally) and finished with great times!  Take a look at how the day turned out, I hope you enjoy.

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