Wedding Hair & Make Up Specialist, Sara Faella | Boston Wedding Photography

Oh my beautiful brides, so many of you have asked and I now have your answer... Who would I recommend for hair and make up around Boston? Well, I'll tell you who turned me into a glam rockstar in just under 2 hours... Sara Faella, Artist, Designer, Stylist! This little blonde bombshell knows her $h!t and knows how to use a make up brush like nobody's business.

Let me tell you a little story... since changing my wedding date I went into a slight dismay, "who's going to do my hair and make up now, Sara is all the way in Rhode Island and my wedding is now in Cohasset! It's the dead of winter, what if there is a snow storm?" Ok, I talked to a few other hair and make up ladies and they sounded "eh" over the phone. You know me and know that I will not tolerate bad customer service so I was not sold at all. I thought to myself... Ok I'm going to call and just see what Sara says.

Ring Ring Sara: Hello! Sara Faella Hair (whatever her opening phone line is) Me: Hey Sara my name is April Krueger and I recently changed my wedding date from September 2012 to January 28th and was wondering, if you still did my hair, since you're not local, if there is a snowstorm what would happen? Sara: Oh no big deal, I've done hair and make up with no power, we have generators I can bring just in case and I have an SUV to get my Glam Squad and I to the Red Lion Inn with no problems, don't worry about snow. Trust me, my brides do not go without and I will be there to make you look fabulous!!! Me: Ok then, let's schedule a trial!

(**please note I did not take the bottom and right hand picture so they're a little blurry, no biggie, just a side note)

When I met with Sara today she was not only as cute as a button, the girl clearly has style and spunk. I'm sorry, but as a bride I do not want some haggardly hair dresser/make up stylist working on me on the biggest day of my life! I want someone who I respect and appreciate and Sara is certainly that person. As a savvy business woman and fellow creative entrepreneur, she's started her own line of make-up and bridal hair accessories. I highly recommend her to any of my brides, talk about Vogue baby!