Welcome Baby Mabel

Oh my, how the time flies. And it's usually not until I am sitting at my computer developing photos until it hits me, hard. TIME. MOVES. FAST! {flashback - around this time last year I was capturing all the love the Bearce's share}

This is the first newborn baby girl I've shot or held since having Sienna {now 3.5 mos.} That fresh little lady in my arms felt so familiar... Mabel is an angel. Jack has grown so much too!

It hits pretty hard when you realize how quickly time is passing and I feel that now more than ever. This is the biggest reason I'm so passionate about capturing the freshness of newborns and your life as it is on that day. Your family is changing, you're trying to keep up and often times you forget to stop and look around for just a second. "Look at what we created, look how far I've come".

I feel blessed to be able to give this gift to new parents {especially mama's}, a vivid memory of this sweet time in your life.

Peace, Love & Gratitude!

April K newborn_mabel_13 newborn_mabel_17 newborn_mabel_22 newborn_mabel_23 newborn_mabel_55 newborn_mabel_70 newborn_mabel_71