Welcome Catherine! | Beacon Hill Newborn Photography

With the snow falling softly I raced around the empty snow covered streets of Boston. The air was quiet.  As I pulled up to their very picturesque piece of Beacon Hill, I stepped out of the car to meet a beautiful old woman shoveling, we exchanged smiles and our amazement on how magical it was outside. Alyss and Christopher welcomed me into their home with warm hugs and little baby Catherine in his arms. I love the energy of brand new parents, it's so contagious for me... the soft and gentle voices just exuberating with so much amazement and happiness mixed with just a dash of happy exhaustion. Alyss told me a few stories about her labor, which she did with no epidural {god bless her!} and Christopher proudly added in how well she did and how amazing she was. Having a new baby is absolutely life changing, but it also really makes you realize how much you love the one you're with.

Catherine is a very lucky little lady to have such great parents and is one cutie pie with a great head of hair!

Peace, Love & A Snow Angel,

April K