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August 07

You know what I loved most about this engagement shoot? No, it wasn’t the city grunge or the lantern in the sea grass… or the breathtaking sunset. What I loved most about this session was that It was relaxed… it was like a few friends meeting up in the city to take a few photos, yet it was the first time we met. Mackenzie and Adam’s energy on this particular day just energized me, so much so that I think all three of us lost track of time. From the time we met up in one of my favorite places to shoot {that industrial section of the Seaport District in Boston – clearly I don’t know it’s proper name} until the bitter end, when there was no more available light to shoot… we were chatting and laughing. That is the way photography should be; relaxed, fun and care free… don’t stress over what you look like or if your outfits are just right, just be your fun and happiest self and you will shine!

I’m totally looking forward to photographing the magic at Mackenzie & Adam’s beach wedding in September, can’t wait!

Peace, Love & Boston City Lights,

April K



March 26

It was a bright and early morning at Wachusett Mountain Resort when I met up with Chelsea and Mike. As I approached the lodge, nearly blinded by the sunrise reflecting off the snow, I felt unbelievably excited. This was not only my first shoot for the 2013 season, but also the first time I’d been to the mountain all year. I pulled open the heavy door and entered the cozy lodge to the welcoming sounds of that certain *snap of buckling ski boots. Ahhh I felt home once more.

This very familiar setting is where I met Chelsea a few years ago when we were both on a snowboarding weekend in Vermont with Social Boston Sports. When she contacted me to ask if I would capture her wedding, I of course was so happy and said yes. After we talked more and she was telling me the ideas she had for an engagement shoot I was immediately stoked, yes yes yes!

With the fire roaring to warm their rosy cheeks and hot cocoa to satisfy their bellies, Chelsea & Mike celebrated their love.

Peace, Love & Marshmallow Hearts,

April K

November 27

I was thrilled when we decided to start out Emily & Bert’s engagement session in their Back Bay apartment.


Because I feel the more you incorporate your everyday-ness into your engagement photos {that you’ll have forever}, the fonder the memories will be down the road. “Oh remember that blanket” or “remember what fun it was living in that apartment… remember when we used to walk along the Charles and order out from our favorite restaurant…”  and it just opens the flood gate of memories from such a new and exciting time together.

My wish for each engagement session is for you to look at the memories years from today and be reminded of WHY you fell so deeply in love.

Emily and Bert certainly make a sweet couple, I am so looking forward to their wedding at the Boston Public Library in June of 2013.

Peace, Love & First Apartments,

April K

P.S. How clever and fitting is that Save the Date?!


I often times ask couples what they’ll be doing with engagement portraits, so that I can plan and visualize for whatever it is they’ll be using them for. Sometimes they’re used for save the dates {which I’ll need to leave room for text etc} and sometimes they’re used for a guest book or just because. I feel engagement pictures are such an important piece of the puzzle when you’re starting to preserve your families history.

The engagement period is when it all begins, when you decide to walk through life together and start planning your future together. I feel this time is precious and will be long gone, before you know it you’ll have 3 kids who are all off to college, and you’ll be left wondering what happend. Time moves quick, I don’t need to tell you that. Having photos from a time in your life when you were fresh, new and learning how to love one another is a great “go to” during your marriage. Chances are you have never been photographed professionally together, so why not take advantage of this precious time?

{Christine + Travis}

Beacon Hill’s old world charm and slanted streets make it the perfect location for a very Boston-esq engagement shoot. I was so happy when Christine contacted me to capture not only her wedding {which sadly I cannot shoot} but also her engagement portraits. She is such a kind hearted and energetic person and I was so happy to get to know Travis better. They’re a couple that just melts into one another and can tell they’ll be together forever.

Follow below for our walk through the cutest town around!

Peace, Love & Crooked Streets,

April K


October 16

Because I shoot mostly outdoors, the weather is something that toys with me a lot of the times. On the day of Erin and Ryan’s engagement shoot it had been pouring out all morning. I’m so glad we stuck to our guns and didn’t re-schedule because the rain let up and the dewy ground mixed with sunshine made for a fantastic backdrop for this nature inspired engagement shoot.

How could an engagement shoot not be fun with two athletes like Erin and Ryan? They whipped out their tandem bike and did laps up and down the road, paddled in a canoe, splashed around in the pond, climbed a boulder and ran through the woods. And this all happened within an hour! Talk about gettin’ it done.

Erin and Ryan are one of those couples that you KNOW are just made for each other. They melt into one another so seamlessly and of course are always on an adventure. I cannot wait to shoot their wedding next summer!

Peace, Love and A Bicycle Built for 2,

April K



September 21

What is my dream as a photographer? Besides my long list of goals… most importantly for me, is for my subjects to be comfortable to be themselves in front of me. Just to be together, not caring what I’m doing or thinking or what bench/wall/any object I’m climbing to get the perfect shot. My dream is to have each and every one of my clients to simply… act as if I’m not there! The goal for me is to capture each couple as they are, naturally, in real life… {just looking extra insanely good doing it!}.

Well Becky and Mark certainly had no troubles doing just that. These two are so much fun and completely and clearly adore each other. It was one of those shoots that I walked away feeling all toasty and tingly inside. Needless to say, I cannot wait to capture their wedding day! It’s going to be off the hook.

Peace, Love & Belly Laughs,

April K


September 13

Alyssa and Nick had a very adventurous engagement shoot around Fenway Park recently. We not only got to take a tour of the park, we had the chance to take some amazing pictures in places that “normal folk” usually wouldn’t be able to go. We clearly had a great time and I’m totally looking forward to seeing Alyssa and Nick on their wedding day, soon enough!

Peace, Love & Red Sox,

April K



August 30

Sitting on the pretty white farm house porch, on the perfect wooden seat, finely manicured flowers all around, with a brewski in their hands… That was the scene when I pulled up to see Lauren and Bryan. I swung the car door open and ran in for a big hug! I was so excited. We hugged, we screamed, I raved about how sick their property was, gave Bryan a hug, introduced Justin… it was a whirlwind of excitement and one big love fest! {I’ve known Lauren since College… so that’s why it was a love fest}.

Lauren and Bryan are two very special people who are very much in love. I’m a firm believer that energy is contagious and there is just this spark of excitement and bright yellow beaming radient ora around these two, it’s pretty contagious! So we had a wild fun time during this shoot.  I was glad that Justin got to tag along too because he captured some video so I’ll post my little home movie once I have time to put it together.

These 2 lovebirds will be exchanging vows on the warm white sandy beaches of Riviera Maya, Mexico next February. I will not be able to attend, however, I am confident that will be one wild party-o-love.

As we said our goodbyes, the sun was setting over the fields and they left us with some fresh picked veggies and snipped basil from their garden. What a trip!

Peace, Love & Chillin’ On A Dirt Road,

April K

July 25

Oh I just love being a Wedding Photographer, especially around Boston. There are so many places, landscapes, scenes and vibes and they’re all so unique. One day I can be shooting a posh city wedding and the next day I’ll be out in the wilderness or on some of the finest beaches on the east coast. I do feel very lucky.

Why else do I feel lucky?

To have awesome couples, not only sometimes, but all of the time. My girl Traci (who’s wedding I shot in June) passed along my name to her friend Maria who called me up and wanted to do an engagement shoot. I said absolutely, let’s do it. So I headed down to Hingham and met up with the beautiful Maria and her fiance Noah. They are such a great couple with lots of personality and spunk. I had a great time with them running in the sand and splashing in the ocean.

Peace, Love & Awesome Floppy Beach Hats,

April K


June 11

I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with Stephanie and Braemar during their Brookline engagement shoot. Engagement shoots are such a great way for the bride and groom to get comfortable in front of my camera and with me in general. As usual, it took us no time at all to warm up to one another.

I love learning about how my couples meet and how they fell in love. Stephanie and Brae met in a class they shared in College, shortly after they went on a date {Sushi, yum!} and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other ever since. It really amazes me that two people can have such a strong bond so instantaneously and be so connected even though they haven’t known each other {at that point} for very long.

Call it luck or call it fate, do you ever wonder “what if” I hadn’t taken that class? Or what if I hadn’t chosen that particular seat… would we still be together, would our love have found another route to take? {or am I the only one who has these thoughts?!}