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December 09

I met up with the Holbrook Family over the weekend and I cannot believe Sawyer is 8 months! At the beginning of my “season” he was born and I had the privilege of taking his newborn photos.

I love documenting families in the first year… all the newness, excitement and challenges that come along with the job of being a parent. I couldn’t understand new moms {and dads} more than I do right now. I had such a great time catching up with Elina and Adam and can’t wait to plan his one year photos!

Peace, Love & Fuzzy Hats,

April K



November 25

Hey party people! I’ve been over here working my buns off and getting everyone their stuff extra early {boom} but I wanted to show you some of my favorite fall photos…

Once a year the Caleo’s + Obey’s get together to celebrate the fall season… mostly done with pumpkin beers, corn mazes,  giant pumpkins and those delicious cider donuts from Lakeside Farms {Upstate NY} That is also when I get my foliage fix in the Adirondack’s {the most  magically beautiful place on the East Coast}.

Peace, Love & Spur of the Moment Photoshoots,

April 09

How many times have you found yourself asking, where has the time gone? I feel like especially when you’re watching children grow this feeling is magnified times 10. It was just 3 years ago when my niece and god daughter Lily Renee was born! Her 3rd birthday happened to fall on Easter this year so my very talented sister went buck wild with her birthday party this year. Sunny, bright, warm and giggly was the vibe of the day… Courtney {my sis} did a killer job all around on the decor, food and activities for the kids. I keep telling her she needs to start her own event design company but she won’t listen to me, what do you think?!

Peace, Love & Hoppy Birthdays,

April K

November 29

I must admit, shooting children is very challenging for me, even more challenging than a wedding! Yup, I would rather shoot a full blown wedding than photograph little kids. Why? Because little kids have an agenda of their own, they do what they want and they never stop moving… forget about trying to get them to look at the camera or be comfortable in front of a completely “strange lady”. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE children, but they’re challenging as most of you know.  Some photographers find children to be much easier than a wedding, I am not one of them… yet!

I will say though, I have trained my nieces and nephews from day 1 to love the camera. They know that I am going to chase them around and that there is no escape until I have something I like. Because of this, they actually listen to what I want them to do, I get the shots I want {and then I give them candy} and everyone is happy! They’re my favorite little people on the planet, I love them as if they’re my own and so it just makes me so happy to be able to give them the gift of their childhood memories.

I recently had a little photo shoot with my nieces {and glam girls} Addison and Lily. Such big personalities for these little bodies, I can hear their little voices as I look through these pictures. I know it’s cliche to say that “they’re getting so big so fast” but it couldn’t be any more true. Much like weddings, capturing babies and children is so important to documenting your families story.  Yes, custom photography is a luxury, but it’s a timeless heirloom that you’ll have forever and ever!

Peace, Love & Little Cheeks,

April K



August 29

Erin & Dave were the first couple to hire me as a wedding photographer, on my own. Up until their wedding I had only been an associate shooter for several photographers around the Saratoga, NY region. They hired me for my very unique skill set… I could 1. take great wedding photos, but more importantly 2. I could snowboard {and take pictures at the same time!}. Yes, Erin and Dave are snowboard enthusiasts, in fact they have about 15-20 snowboards lining the walls of their house! {killer decor!}. Naturally they had a snowboarding wedding and I was just the girl for the job. I will never forget Dave and all his groomsmen bombing down the hill in their tuxedo’s and Erin gracefully carving back and forth in her wedding gown. It was a beautiful day.

I was honored when Erin contacted me to take pictures of their new family, specifically Logan. He’s a cutie with a character! Dave already has set up a backyard snow park for him, I can’t wait to see this little guy tear it up in years to come!

Peace, Love & Growing Families,

April K

July 15

She wakes up at 5:30 am Monday-Friday, gets ready for work, wakes up the kids, get’s them ready for school/day care, drops them off at school/daycare, goes to work managing the Speech Pathology department at Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center,  picks the kids up from school/daycare, takes them to gymnastics, soccer and swimming, cooks them dinner, helps with homework, plays with them, gives them a tubby, puts them to bed, makes lunches for tomorrow, finishes up work she didn’t get done in the office…and finally unwinds with her man.

Those are just  a few jobs of any given mom, and in this case, my sister Kristy the super-mom. Watching her in action usually leaves me puzzled, how did you get all that done and how do you still have energy?! {Don’t ask me}

Anyway, she wanted to do a family photo shoot {we’re working on the configuration of prints/frames for her giant living room wall… it’s going to be mega awesome, stay tuned!}. Here are a few of the photos we created while they were in Boston to visit.

Peace, Love & #beingamomispuremaddness,

April K


And my personal Fav :)

March 27

Remember yesterday’s blog post about my girl, Kathryn the Event Designer? Well, besides the wonderful flowers and tablescaping, her family was celebrating her mom, Betty’s 60th birthday.


It was such a fun and happy energy that filled the room as Betty walked in and saw all of her closest friends and family there to celebrate with her.

And to top it off…as if 40 of your closest compadre’s wasn’t enough… her twin sons flew in from California to surprise her! Every mother’s dream, a beautiful family together again.

Happy 60th, Betty… (I hope I look that good when I’m 60!)

Peace, Love & Surprises,

April K

September 07

Beautiful smiles, sunshine and fresh air… That’s what was in store for Labor Day 2011. I had such a great time hiking and hanging out with the Papadopoulos family.

You know…kids always fascinate me, Theo {love his name} was so engrossed in exploring this new territory that he hardly noticed I was following him around with a giant camera!  Here are a few moments I captured from our time together.

August 03

There is something very refreshing about photographing a brand new human being, good energy just emulates from the household. My photojournalistic approach to newborn photography is to capture the spirit of the entire family as they enjoy the transition. Focusing on Jaclyn’s little nose and tiny toes was so much fun, I’m looking forward to watching her grow!

May 07

Ann & Larry Lodge were recently visited by The Stork with baby girl, Maggie. I had so much fun taking pictures of this sweet little peanut. I’m totally looking forward to watching her grow up, so stay tuned…