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March 19

Do you ever find yourself thinking:

  • You would really like to have an overall theme that represents your wedding day

  • You and your love don’t really fit into any of the typical “cookie cutter” wedding themes out there

  • How the hell do brides find time to fine-tune all of those annoying details while having a life?

If you often find yourself drooling over those perfectly styled weddings that are plastered all over wedding blogs and pinterest I have the perfect person for you to meet.

Becky Pleshaw, founder of RP Design, who specializes in custom wedding branding.

April: What exactly is custom wedding branding?

Becky: Wedding branding sets the theme for a couple’s special day. It includes the colors, typography, imagery, and general style for all of the printed wedding materials, from save the dates to thank you cards. Branding provides a common thread that pulls together all wedding communication and compliments the overall look and feel.

April: You are a great resource for couples who know what sort of theme or brand they want for their day, but what about those couples who have absolutely NO IDEA!?

Becky: Typically there is already a foundation for design that we can uncover by discussing some basics.  Will the wedding be casual or formal? Daytime or evening? In a ski lodge, or on a beach? I can leverage what details couples already have, such as a bridesmaid color or wedding location, and build a complete brand from the ground up.

April: Do you have a process that you use to work with couples to help figure out what would best represent them?

Becky: I work with couples one-on-one to lay out their brand in a really organized way. I like to keep it as easy as possible for them, but I welcome whatever level of involvement they’d like to have in the process. We will decide on the general theme and work our way down the line, choosing a color scheme, typography style and any other graphics we plan on using throughout. We then define which materials they want customized and finalize the branding kit. The most important thing is that they are happy with the results and have a brand that’s perfect for them.


April: What look and overall theme was this couple wanting to achieve and how did you come to your final overal look?

Becky: Christine and Travis are getting married in Boothbay, Maine and they wanted their wedding materials to bring out the character of their location. They had a good idea of what they wanted and we worked together to bring their theme to life. Once we established the vintage postcard style save the date, I continued to incorporate the wedding colors, typography and custom imagery throughout the rest of the pieces that Christine and Travis would need.

April: Why should couples talk with you before checking out any other custom branding resource?

Becky: In addition to my passion for design, I have extensive experience in marketing, brand creation and strategic thinking. I take pride in my work and couples will feel confident that their entire design process is in good hands. I love getting to know the people I work with and together we will achieve the perfect theme for their wedding.

To find out more about what Becky offers, check out RP Design’s website and follow the blog!

Peace, Love & Branding,

April K

January 25

Happy Friday Peeps!

I decided to put all this personal talk on hold and put the spotlight back on weddings for a moment.

While I was in the midst of my wedding craze last year, I wrote a blog post sharing what I did to make my day unique to Justin and I {post here}. I mainly wrote it because sometimes I hear brides questioning themselves “am I allowed to do that?” “well I really want this but I’ll probably just do that”…. No my friend, this wedding is a ONE day celebration to kick off your life’s journey together. That means, you do not do things just because they’re easier. You do what you WANT and what is representative of the character of your relationship.

Well, that’s my thought anyway. This is coming from a girl {me!} who cancelled her first wedding plan {yes, after we put deposits down and had dates held} mostly because she didn’t feel 100% good about it, a lot of things were off and it wasn’t sitting right in her heart.

I digress, so after I wrote that post my girl Lauren, who is having a destination wedding and who also has one of the best characters I’ve ever known, needed some advice. I suppose this isn’t exclusive of only destination weddings, but that is where my head is at while I’m writing this.

Lauren Writes:

Hey April,

We’re doing a destination wedding because that’s what fits our budget and frankly Bryan and I are not the type to have a huge hoopla of a wedding and we’d much rather chill on a beach with rum punches and those fun little cocktail umbrellas. Fine.

The resort that we chose is extremely private and intimate and allows us to “customize” our wedding to fit what we want. Fabulous.

I found my dress and my bridesmaids dress. Ahead of the game, here!

Sccreeeeccchhhhhh…..this is where it stops. Now what do I do?!? Maybe more importantly, how the HELL do a plan a wedding on a beach in Mexico that is fully representative of a pig-chasing/tractor-driving/pumpkin-growing farmer (Bryan) and a Long Island-born/shoe-obsessed/career girl (Me)? I’m at a total loss here. Bryan and I are at complete ends of the spectrum with one another; possibly THE most opposites attract couple aside from two major things: 1. We love beer and 2. We can’t live without each other.

I guess my question is, what is your advice on how to figure out ways to make our wedding representative of who we are? Obviously we’ve had some great times over the past 2+ years that I can look back on, but all I want to get out of this wedding is for people to walk away and say “That was so them.”

I guess the main thing I’m stressing over isn’t the location, how my hair is going to look, or who is going to show up – - it’s more of a nervousness that we’re going to put this thing together and it’s going to look like someone else’s wedding rather than our own.

April, any or all advice that you could give me on this would be amazing. You know how I am: I love myself some organization and can provide you with the best strategic marketing plan money can buy, but when it comes to creativity, I fall flat, and I need to seek help from my creative friends before I’m labeled as boring ;-)


April Suggests:

Hey Lauren,

Here are 3 things you can focus on to make your destination wedding representative of you and Bryan:

1. Writing your own vows – I know a lot of couples squirm at this idea but really this is what a wedding is all about, getting married and pledging yourselves to each other. I feel like the ceremony is something that is often overlooked compared to what type of venue you’ll have, music, food, booze etc. This is one day that starts your journey together; nothing could speak more about your relationship than how you vow to spend the rest of your lives together. Believe it or not, vows are something people remember. Put your personalities into the vows and you’ll walk away feeling like that’s all you needed to make the day “your own”.

2. Bringing little signs for things, they’re packable in a suitcase and signage + printed items really add a lot of personality to the day. Don’t feel like you have to use formal language either, put your personalities into the verbiage you use. Programs + thank you cards at tables or in hotel bags + signage = make it all match and sort of style your day according to Lauren + Bryan’s world.

3. Your dress + your shoes + your jewelry + his outfit will have your personalities in it. Don’t be afraid to stray from traditional. Let Bryan wear a little flannel pocket square or a straw hat, representative of his pig chasing farm boy ways. Your shoe obsessed self can pick out a fabulous pair of TOMS or flip-flops that are representative of your favorite color. You don’t have to have HUGE statements to represent of who you are; sometimes it’s the little things that make an impact. Which is great for you since you have to pack it all up in a suitcase.

Remember, this is your day, do it anyway you want! Funky, vibrant, off the wall, and classically all yours.

Peace, Love & Destination YOU!

April K

I often times ask couples what they’ll be doing with engagement portraits, so that I can plan and visualize for whatever it is they’ll be using them for. Sometimes they’re used for save the dates {which I’ll need to leave room for text etc} and sometimes they’re used for a guest book or just because. I feel engagement pictures are such an important piece of the puzzle when you’re starting to preserve your families history.

The engagement period is when it all begins, when you decide to walk through life together and start planning your future together. I feel this time is precious and will be long gone, before you know it you’ll have 3 kids who are all off to college, and you’ll be left wondering what happend. Time moves quick, I don’t need to tell you that. Having photos from a time in your life when you were fresh, new and learning how to love one another is a great “go to” during your marriage. Chances are you have never been photographed professionally together, so why not take advantage of this precious time?

{Christine + Travis}

Beacon Hill’s old world charm and slanted streets make it the perfect location for a very Boston-esq engagement shoot. I was so happy when Christine contacted me to capture not only her wedding {which sadly I cannot shoot} but also her engagement portraits. She is such a kind hearted and energetic person and I was so happy to get to know Travis better. They’re a couple that just melts into one another and can tell they’ll be together forever.

Follow below for our walk through the cutest town around!

Peace, Love & Crooked Streets,

April K


I’ve found myself saying this to recently engaged friends over and over again… so I decided this would be helpful for my couples… and anyone else who is planning on exchanging vows at some point in the future.

Speaking from my experience, it’s easy, SO EASY to get caught up in the party aspect of a wedding. What is the right venue, the right dress, the right dinner to serve and even the right photographer. Do I have video,  Do I get a band or DJ, Do I really need up lighting, WAIT… that costs how much?!? (as you’re spitting out your drink). If you’re planning a wedding you’ve probably thought these things at one time or another. If not, well, congratulations you’re a rare breed.

What I’m here to remind you of is that the FIRST thing you should be concerned with, when planning out all of these beautiful details… is your CEREMONY! Yes, the ceremony, the whole reason you’re getting married (take a breather and think long and hard about this part).

When I first started my planning I was soooo enthralled in all of the details of the reception, that I didn’t give two thoughts about my ceremony. I knew that we would stand up in front of everyone and I knew we would write our own vows, but that’s about it. I’ll be the first to admit that the ceremony was an after thought until my bff Jenny (who was married 8 mos. earlier) brought to my attention that maybe I shouldn’t be so concerned with the reception until I have my ceremony on lock down.

Huh? Ceremony? I didn’t even think about the ceremony and it’s really the only part that matters!

Since Justin and I had a non-traditional ceremony ( aka hitched in a barn), we were in charge of writing most of our ceremony, how we wanted it to flow, what we wanted included etc. I started researching different types of ceremonies and let me tell you, I never realized how many different types there are. It was pretty interesting just to read through some of them to see the (sometimes slight) difference.

We finally found one we liked that really spoke to our personalities as individuals and encompassed our relationship as a whole. Brian, Justin’s cousin who married us, of course added his personal touch which made it feel complete. Overall the ceremony expressed the belief that marriage is a creative process, and for marriage to achieve its fullest, most unique and beautiful expression, takes time. It’s the belief that marriage is an on-going process and work of art. We have only just begun the process of being married, rather than the thought of getting married as one day.

As a wedding photographer I get to listen to a lot of ceremonies and a lot of readings, so I knew what type of reading I wanted and what energy I thought it would add. The day for me was about our love for each other and was more spiritual with just a touch of religion. So I chose poems about loving each other through life’s chaotic journey. For you non-traditional folks, think about what readings will encompass your relationship rather than your religion.

I know you’re probably sitting there reading this thinking… is she nuts? On top of planning this giant celebration she’s suggesting I write my entire ceremony out too? No, that’s not my point… relax, breathe, haha.

The point of me telling you all of this is to just simply point out to you, like Jenny did for me, that you should really be giving your ceremony a lot of thought. I want you to feel like your ceremony meant something to both of you and wasn’t just a thoughtless process. It is really the only part of your day that is about the two of you, the rest of the shin dig is for everyone to help celebrate.

Tammy & Tommy did a phenomenal job of really putting their own personalities into their ceremony. So much so that I was fogging up the eye piece on my camera!


So whether it be the traditional or the non traditional, make it your own and make it what you want it to be.

Peace, Love & Handwritten Vows,

April K

March 26

Meet Event Designer, Kathryn Yee.

(Below with her Dad)

This tablescaping & flower design mastermind was the influence behind the flowers & tablescaping at my wedding AND the visionary behind Kathryn Yee Design.

What is tablescaping you ask?

Tablescaping is the aesthetic layout of a table (usually weddings or parties) including the centerpiece, color of linen, napkin folds, china and flatware, etc. This has become an ever growing wedding trend around New England and beyond.

When I was planning my wedding I was really concerned with flowers and how the centerpieces were going to look… yes I know, I didn’t even have invitations picked out and all I could think about was centerpieces. I was scouring every wedding blog and pinterest and I had the general idea of how I wanted it to look. I met with one florist who just didn’t get it, I was so frustrated. After meeting with Kathryn and explaining what look I was going for,  she cleaned up my idea and added the extra details it needed.  Kathryn has the gift of visualizing extravagant and beautiful arrangements that will liven up even the most mundane situations. I highly recommend her for any wedding or event.

Here are some detail shots of the surprise party she planned for her mother, Betty at the Harvest in Cambridge, MA. From colorful invites to soft yet vibrant flowers to flags and cupcakes… she covered everything!

Peace, Love and all things Visually Delicious!

April K

February 08

So, after talking with Justin about our wedding and all the planning, I left the convo with a sore belly from laughing so hard.  Since Justin plans parties for a living you would THINK he would be a little more opinionated about details, turns out he wasn’t! I thought it would be an entertaining blog post if anything.  Here is our wedding planning through Justin’s eyes. If you’re a “Groom To Be” reading this, you’re in good company. If you’re a “Bride To Be” reading this, feel free to share with your man… let him know he’s not alone ;) xo – AprilK

Hey everyone! Quick intro – my name is Justin and I recently (last Saturday, 1/28) married the most amazing, beautiful, and talented woman on the planet aka April K. Over the past 3 months we’ve been planning our wedding, there were many interesting things that I learned and I’ve been asked to share my newly acquired knowledge with you all.

Before I get into the details of what I’ve learned and observed, I will have you know that many other guys I’ve spoken too, also going through their wedding planning process agree with me on these points and shared similar stories. Guys, I welcome you to chime in.

1) Do you really want my opinion?

This was the first thing I began asking myself during the planning process. April would ask me a question about certain details about the wedding.

April: Do you think we should have up lighting throughout the venue?
Justin: Sure, I think up lighting would be great for the venue. It might add a nice touch people will appreciate.
April: Hmm…ok…no, I think we’ll go without the up-lighting.

I think you could substitute anything for the word “up-lighting” in this example to apply to your own situation. Your fiancé really doesn’t care what you think. Chances are that she already made up her mind and is simply pretending you have a say in the matter.

2) It’s all about the little details – just go with it.

Trust me on this. Your life will be much better if you simply go along with every little detail your fiancé brings up.

Your future wife: I think we’re going to get lilies instead of daisies.
Your response should be: Sounds fantastic, honey! Good call.

Your future wife: I know we were thinking of booking this DJ, but for some reason I really like this other DJ.
Your response should be: (assuming both DJ’s are great) Sounds fantastic, honey! Good call!

Your future wife: I want the groomsmen wearing red ties instead of black ties.
Your response: (You should know this by now…) Red sounds good to me!

It’s not the time to make a big deal over flowers or an equally good DJ. Pick and choose your battles wisely. (Ie. If you fiancés says, “Honey, I think we’re going to get a polka band for our wedding.” This (unless you both LOVE polka) may be the time to pick your battle and fight the good fight against polka and compromise by getting a great DJ who can play one polka song.

3) If you’re asked to help out with anything, try to get a deadline that you need to complete said task by.

I’m a guy. I also tend to prioritize my tasks. (Some call this procrastination.) I asked April for a few things to do because I wanted to help out. Because we didn’t set deadlines for my tasks I was suddenly met with, “Have you done that yet?” I had no idea that I was supposed to book the tickets to the honeymoon right away that day! I’m passing this lesson along to you. IF YOU’RE HELPING – set clear expectations of what you need to get done and when you need to get it done by.

Overall, I was really glad that April took the reigns on the planning process. It was because April is so detail oriented and plans well in advance that we had an absolutely incredible wedding with some of the best wedding vendors around. She got everything right down to the little tiny details I never would’ve even thought about. That brings me to my last point.

4) Trust.

Trust each other in the planning process. There will be points where you’ll have to go along with one of your viewpoints. Don’t worry so much. Trust your fiancé and it most likely will be fine.


Now that I’m an experienced Bride (wink wink) I want to share with you all of the things about my wedding day that made me say “thank god I did that”. The “First Look” was definitely at the top of that list.

Tradition would have it that the Bride & Groom do not see each other until the Bride makes her way down the aisle to her man. The First Look is for (badass) couples who don’t care about meaningless tradition! I know I know, that is a bit harsh, but in reality, quite true. After talking with fellow First Look’er, friend and kickass photog, JP Elario, he adds a great point

Lets face it. We’re living in modern times here! Most couples already live together and have a house before they walk down the aisle. They probably even sleep in the same bed! At that point the jig is up and you can throw that old wedding superstition out the window.

Amen brother.

I think if people were more educated on having a “first look” then they would understand why it’s very necessary to enjoying your day to the fullest.

So, what is a First Look?!

- It’s when the B&G get to share an intimate moment together before the chaos and commotion of your day begins.

- It’s a tender & quiet piece of the day traditionally shared with your entire guest list, but is now only between just the 2 of you.

- It’s a time before the ceremony for the photographer & videographer to capture each of your individual reactions, which would not be the same reaction you would have standing up at the altar seeing your bride/groom for the first time. He now has a chance to lay one on you, twirl you around and bask in the glory of how HOT his new wife is! Hey girl, you’ve been working on perfecting this look, let yourself soak it all in and shine!

What are the benefits of a First Look?

OMG, where do I start?

1. Your wedding party will THANK YOU! My wedding party was all primped and looking fresh to death for all of the photos. They weren’t sweaty and their hair and make up was still on point. Let’s face it, all they want to do is party, when they’re dragged away from cocktail hour they’ll do it, but they aren’t thrilled. They (and I) were also thankful that after pictures there was just the Ceremony and partying left to do!

2. Your guests will Appreciate it! Justin and I got to join in on our cocktail hour. This was clutch for me, I’ve seen so many weddings go down and I decided long ago that a First Look was for me because of this very reason. I got to mingle and chit chat with every single person who travelled near and far to share this day with us.  Your guests really really appreciate it, I even received a message from a cousin saying:

Normally, a wedding is about the bride and sometimes the groom. You managed to make EVERY guest feel special and appreciated. From gift bags @ our hotel, to the best bathroom basket ever, to the time you spent with each person. I cannot understand how you did it, but after your wedding I want to do mine over again! The little things really mean the world.

3. Your Husband to be will Thank You! Oh yes he will, he’s going to be a nervous nelly waiting for you to walk down that aisle. The fact that he gets to see you before hand puts him at ease (start your marriage off on a good note).

Justin had this to say about our First Look:

It made getting married less nerve-racking. Seeing you before the ceremony made me feel calm and great about everything. It was a really nice and fun experience… the anticipation of not being able to look at you until they let me turn around drove me crazy but I loved it. Even though it was un-traditional it was really fun and worth doing. Highly recommend, guys!

JP Elario also adds from his experience:

I was a groom once and I was nervous. All that buildup to seeing your bride walk down the aisle and ceremony nerves are gone! I’ve had so many grooms tell me they were nervous up until the time they saw their bride at the first look then it all settled. By the time the ceremony begins you’re totally relaxed because you’ve spent the whole afternoon together taking beautiful photos!

4. Your Photog (me!) will Love it! My final thought and reason is Lighting… This is probably the last thing you are going to think about as a Bride so let me drop a little photog knowledge. We had a 3:00pm Ceremony start time on a January day, the sun would have set by the time the ceremony was over and our pictures would have had to be held indoors with flash. That’s not the end of the world but it’s not what I wanted (ask yourself what kind of photos you want). I wanted all of those beautiful outdoor shots with the sun shining down. Even if you get a rainy day, outdoor pictures are still awesome (think umbrellas, rain boots and splashing!). With more and more weddings happening in late spring and early fall you come against the same situation if you have a ceremony later in the day. JP adds:

It’s October 19th, its a Friday which means late ceremony. The sun sets at 6:00pm but its a 6:00pm ceremony and when the bride and groom walk out of that church or ceremony location its pitch black outside. What does that mean? Well, for us photogs we can’t take those pretty outdoor couples photos you see because its too dark out!

It’s so true. These are things to think about, let these thoughts marinate, talk it over with your Fiance. I am not pushing anyone to do this who doesn’t want to, but simply sharing my experience and why I (and others who’ve had the experience) think it’s the best way to enjoy your day to the fullest.

Take some time to think about how you want your wedding photos to look. Do your homework and share that knowledge with your photographer so they can get you exactly what you want!


April K

January 31

Well hello there! I know I’ve been mute lately but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve been working around the clock finishing up 2011 orders, booking lots of amazing couples for 2012 AND not to mention planning my own wedding. Woo, I’ve been a busy bride, but alas, I am here to share with you some of the details we’ve been working on to make our wedding unique. I thought I’d share after one of my 2012 brides (Stephanie D) asked me this very question:


I don’t really have a wedding style…but If i did it would be a mix of being raised on a farm and on antiques, my love for the Adirondacks and all thing rustic, white sparkly and glimmering…

1. HANGER – Your dress is the main component of your wedding style, right? right. Obviously after shooting over 100 weddings I know the drill… hang the gown while I’m finishing up getting ready and let the photographer have at it. Perfect. I wasn’t about to have my gown photographed on a plastic hanger I hang my everyday clothes on.

2. SLIPPERS – Since we’re having our wedding in the winter (BTW, this was the best/smartest decision I’ve ever made) I received a pair of fuzzy white slippers from my girl Gaby… so I wouldn’t get “cold feet” on my big day, haha. I thought it was a great idea and perfect for keeping my tootsies warm while I was getting glam’d up.

3. PERSONALIZED RING PILLOW – My BFF Jenny gave me this as a shower present and I loved the idea! It’s tiny enough for little hands and can transform into a Christmas Ornament for your tree!

4. CAKE…SPOONS? Yes, we don’t have cake forks, but we have cake spoons! What’s the difference really when it comes to dessert? Let me tell you the story… When Justin and I first started dating we were down on the Cape walking around and he said to me “why do people use the word ‘pumpkin’ as a term of endearment?” my answer was “well people used to really like pumpkins, I guess” he said “well, you’re my ice cream because ice cream is my favorite thing in the whole world” So when I saw these wedding spoons I had to have them for our day!

5. SIGN MY SKIIS, PLEASE – Instead of a conventional guestbook we went for something that had meaning to us. I know, I know… as a wedding photographer I should conventionally be pushing the photograph guest book filled with engagement photos, which I absolutely LOVE… But 1. we didn’t have time to get our engagement pictures done (fortunately for us we have lots of experience in front of the camera + lot’s of high quality professional pictures of the both of us together) 2. I’m not conventional… I love antiques and I’ve always wanted antique skis to hang in my living room…this was my chance, man!

6. WEDDING BOOTS – I can rattle off 10 good reasons to get married in the winter and this is def. a top 3….Winter = boots… and that’s just what I wore! So comfy and warm, these $hit kickers helped me float through my day comfortably. Also, since all of my girls wore them too, we had a few country song stomp sessions in the barn! (for you city kids we were banging our heels on the floor of the barn to the beat of the song)

7. Since the girls and I wore all different Cowgirl Boots, the guys needed a little something to snazzy up their outfits too. Initially Justin and I agreed upon the plain jane “claret” colored ties for the guys because we couldn’t find 7 of the same ties we liked. Well, 4 days before the wedding I decided plain ties were too boring and I wasn’t very excited about them. I made a trip to the mall and between 2 different stores I found 7 similar ties in the same “claret” color family. I was so much more excited about them, they set off the girls boots and went with the “eclectic” theme!

8. BEER CRATE CARD BOX – Growing up on a farm and around antiques my whole life this was only fitting. This old beer crate has been in my family for generations and my mom suggested we use it to put the cards in. She, being the farm girl that she is, fashioned a lid made of chicken wire.

9. SOMETHING BLUE – Well, I was searching high and low for something blue and I came up with this idea. Originally these boots had leather laces in the back so I replaced them with this sharp blue ribbon!


Not pictured:

10. LIFE SIZE SEATING TREE’S – I put my in-laws in charge of the seating “branches” and I’m so glad I did. Tradition would have it that seating cards are to be placed on a table. Well tradition doesn’t really bode well with Justin & I and it seems the creative bone in Justin’s parents really broke out. They did a phenomenal job coming up with 3 waist size hand blown red glass vases, each equipped with a tree branch (picked from outside and spray painted white) to hang the nifty place card on.

11. SOMETHING OLD & BORROWED – I wore my sisters and my mom’s wedding bands on my right ring finger for something old & borrowed. It was very special to me since they all have very successful and loving marriages!


I hope this post can give you inspiration to take the things that make you happy and incorporate them into your wedding day!

December 14

Many of my brides have been asking me who I’m using as my wedding vendors and I’m here to share! First of all, let me clarify that I will not put up with bad customer service (there is just no reason for it) so all of my recommendations are HIGHLY recommended.

If you didn’t know, we decided to move our wedding date up 9 months to January 28th, 2012 (original date: September 29th, 2012). Why? you ask… Why not? I was sick of waiting and decided that since Justin and I met in the winter and got engaged the winter after meeting, that it’s only fitting to have a Winter Wonderland Wedding!

(Below: Our first picture together on the ski trip where we first met… yes… we didn’t know each other… or did we!? hehe)

When I was searching for invitations I wanted something that represented our personality as a couple, not just words. What did we like to do together? SKI & SNOWBOARD of course.

I checked out Wedding Paper Divas and the Paper Source for inspiration. I browsed the web everyday looking for the perfect invite and while I found some pretty neat invites, nothing spoke to me. I then began my search on Etsy and it wasn’t long before I found Loo Bird Press. I emailed the owner, Katy, expressing interest, but letting her know that invites had to go out ASAP because I just moved the date up. “Not a problem” Katy replied and worked to get me the finished product within a week. She was so easy to work with and provided a great end product that really shows our vibe.

Since the invites had to go out before our food tasting, we had to put the bare minimum food description!

I love stamps…and snowflakes!

What did I learn from the invitation process?

1. You should really hire a calligrapher or someone with exceptional handwriting. Since I was in a rush, my mother&sister-in-law helped me, and while we did an OK job with the tools we had, I would really recommend a professional or a printer!

2. Make sure you proof read your invites 10 times, at least! There is nothing worse than spelling your own last name wrong on your wedding invite!

3. I found it helpful to research different Typography to get a sense of what style appeals to you and what look you’re going for.

4. MAKE SURE YOU PUT POSTAGE ON THE RETURN ENVELOPE!!! Talk about embarrassing, Justin and I had a bit of miscommunication and our invites got mailed out with no return postage!!! Mortified, I emailed all of my friends and family letting them know I wasn’t being cheap and that we made a mistake. Luckily they’re the greatest people I know and everyone laughed and totally understood.

Learn from my mistakes :)

Unfortunately we were limited on the number of invites but if I could invite you all I would!

Peace, Love & Photography xo

November 07

Oh my beautiful brides, so many of you have asked and I now have your answer… Who would I recommend for hair and make up around Boston? Well, I’ll tell you who turned me into a glam rockstar in just under 2 hours… Sara Faella, Artist, Designer, Stylist! This little blonde bombshell knows her $h!t and knows how to use a make up brush like nobody’s business.

Let me tell you a little story… since changing my wedding date I went into a slight dismay, “who’s going to do my hair and make up now, Sara is all the way in Rhode Island and my wedding is now in Cohasset! It’s the dead of winter, what if there is a snow storm?” Ok, I talked to a few other hair and make up ladies and they sounded “eh” over the phone. You know me and know that I will not tolerate bad customer service so I was not sold at all. I thought to myself… Ok I’m going to call and just see what Sara says.

Ring Ring
Sara: Hello! Sara Faella Hair (whatever her opening phone line is)
Me: Hey Sara my name is April Krueger and I recently changed my wedding date from September 2012 to January 28th and was wondering, if you still did my hair, since you’re not local, if there is a snowstorm what would happen?
Sara: Oh no big deal, I’ve done hair and make up with no power, we have generators I can bring just in case and I have an SUV to get my Glam Squad and I to the Red Lion Inn with no problems, don’t worry about snow. Trust me, my brides do not go without and I will be there to make you look fabulous!!!
Me: Ok then, let’s schedule a trial!

(**please note I did not take the bottom and right hand picture so they’re a little blurry, no biggie, just a side note)

When I met with Sara today she was not only as cute as a button, the girl clearly has style and spunk. I’m sorry, but as a bride I do not want some haggardly hair dresser/make up stylist working on me on the biggest day of my life! I want someone who I respect and appreciate and Sara is certainly that person. As a savvy business woman and fellow creative entrepreneur, she’s started her own line of make-up and bridal hair accessories. I highly recommend her to any of my brides, talk about Vogue baby!