Mother Nature Just Rocked My World!



The day was one of those super exciting snow days you had as a kid... at least that's how I felt. It hasn't really snowed much in New England as of Feb. 1st 2016 so I just knew this was going to be a whopper. 

When we woke in the morning it was a beautiful dusting of glittery white powder... that never stopped... and the snowflakes were ever growing... and growing... and growing. We took a hike through the woods and threw our selves around in winter's soft blanket. We built a snowman and went sledding... it was such a fun day, definitely one for the books.

Finally as dinner time approached, I quickly ran to the store and on my way home... the heavens opened up in a way that was, the most visually euphoric experience I've ever had. After mother earth gave everything a 2 foot covering of sparkling white pow, the sunshine showed her lovely face and lit up my little corner of the world.