{artist statement}

Getting a dual degree in Journalism and Fine Art was my way of strengthening what I knew I was passionate about at an early age... story telling and making beautiful works of art, no matter what medium I used. I decided after college that I could never spend this life doing something that did not feed my soul, the freedom of creativity is essential to my vibrance in life.

My photography journey began once I sought out a few photographers who's work I admired and started working for them on weekends. Eventually after 5 years of juggling my full time career in advertising while becoming a {wedding} photographer, I had learned how to shoot a wedding from every perspective, gained heaps of photography skills, saved up enough $ to acquire the gear I needed, and I decided to leave my career in advertising to go full time with wedding photography. It was never my intention to stay a wedding photographer forever... when I started down this road of becoming a professional photographer, I naturally swayed towards weddings because I love love and it was a fast and dirty way to learn how to shoot, quick {it was my goal to avoid the purchase of another degree and to learn from doing and being}.

While I still love telling the story of a passionately in love couple, I have started to focus more of my life's work on newborns & children. Why? Because I feel every child deserves to see the fierce love their parents have always had for them... and most of all, mama deserves a beautiful photograph of her beautiful journey called motherhood. I choose to use simple + muted + pure + organic tones to keep the focus on baby and to help express their purity.