A Day in Boston

Life at home certainly has its perks... like being able to enjoy what our beautiful + clean city of Boston has to offer during the weekdays... this means no lines and no crowds (but I assure you, no matter what the time of day is, there is ALWAYS traffic!).

My mom flew into town last month so Justin's mom suggested we do something fun in the city after picking her up from the airport. Great! 2 moms = I can take photos! If it's just the kids and I you can bet I never bring my giant camera along... I need my 2 hands and less the extra 10lbs. (yes, it's a heavy one).

We enjoyed a beautiful spring afternoon together walking through the Public Gardens and the Boston Commons. Justin happened to have a meeting nearby so he joined us for a short while.

A day we'll never forget!

Photos taken with Nikon D3s with 50mm 1.4 lens - the smallest and lightest lens I own.