Welcome Home William

After a few weeks at home William ventured over to my house to get his second photoshoot ;) He’s going to be a pro by the time he’s one! Welcome home baby William, we love you so much.

(this makes me want an in home studio!)

William's Fresh 48

So fresh, so smooth, smelling oh so good! I got to meet my newest nephew at the hospital right down the road (this is exciting for me because he’s the first nephew or niece… I haven’t had to drive back to buffalo 7 hours to see!) at Newton-Wellsley Hospital.

I love shooting a fresh 48 because It almost fullfills that “douala” hiding inside of me. I know how tender and precious this time is, I have been there, not too long ago, so being the one to now document this moment for someone else (let alone my brother and sister n law) was truly rewarding. you’re ever interested in having a fresh 48, let’s chat about it!

Welcome Home Knox

In June my family and I headed back home (Amherst, NY) to kick off the summer with a visit with the (then) newest cousin Knox... it's the best, welcoming new members of the family to the world! Who but a nephew or niece to steal your heart... this little guy was so cutie and cuddly and perfect. Knightlee is going to be a great boss, I mean, big sister ;)

We love you baby Knox!