Kruegers in Vermont - July 2017

The magic of Vermont... I don't know why it exists or what really makes it feel magical, but it has a charm like no other. I love when my family meets us up there, to share the magic and fun! At least once a year they all (4 siblings + their families) make the trek and we "whoop it up", making memories to last a lifetime. - July 20, 2017

Acadia National Park - July 4th 2017

Through many of our summer travels this year, Acadia National Park was definitely a favorite. We went up to celebrate Taylor & Tyler's engagement and the 4th of July. Tyler's family has a beautiful spot right on the ocean called the "rock ledge" and it was the perfect hangout to have a lobster bake, s'mores, and a breathtaking sunset!

We also got to "climb" (in the car, thank goodness cause I was pregnant) to the top of Cadillac Mountain! and then we stopped off at Sand Beach to splash in the icy cold waters of Maine...

It was a great trip - July 2017

Adventures of April + Rae Rae

Last month we got to spend some special time with a gal who's been my best friend since we were Sienna's age (4). She now lives in Wisconsin, but visits once a year so we can get the kiddies together and mother side by side (laughing at one another). It's always a fleeting time, as the kids take up most of our attention throughout the day, but it's a time to catch up and just straight chill together. This time we decided to amp up the juice and take a road trip with all 3 kids to Vermont. Needless to say it was one to remember!

Photographing my life or my kids lives rather, is somewhat of a bear... I have to admit. On one hand I love to have the memories but while it's all going on, while the kids are running wild and I'm mid conversation with (anyone really) I just want to live in that moment... not pick up my camera and see it through my lens... and the older I get the more I'm sick of living through my lens. And then thinking about the post processing after I've taken said photos, it's time consuming and eats me alive most days. But having these images are what keeps me going, year after year. If you're a photographer with kids, how do you manage this?

May 2017 - shot with Nikon D3s with 50mm 1.4

Chillin at the beach

When Justin and I met, we were truly head over heels for one another… so much so that when he was trying to impress me, he took me on a "photography date" around Boston… it was so much fun, he rented a fancy lens (that he had no clue how to use), hahahaha oh man, it’s so funny to think back upon the antics he used.

Last month we spent some time with “mimi & papi” at their place down the cape and sitting on the beach hearing the words “hey, can I use your camera for a minute?” brought me back to that date. Watching Justin with a camera + playing with the kids was priceless. They had never interacted with daddy as a photographer, so he got some great shots that I wouldn’t have been able to… mommy with a camera is just… annoying (I suppose?)… Anyway, here’s our time at the beach in May.