Chillin at the beach

When Justin and I met, we were truly head over heels for one another… so much so that when he was trying to impress me, he took me on a "photography date" around Boston… it was so much fun, he rented a fancy lens (that he had no clue how to use), hahahaha oh man, it’s so funny to think back upon the antics he used.

Last month we spent some time with “mimi & papi” at their place down the cape and sitting on the beach hearing the words “hey, can I use your camera for a minute?” brought me back to that date. Watching Justin with a camera + playing with the kids was priceless. They had never interacted with daddy as a photographer, so he got some great shots that I wouldn’t have been able to… mommy with a camera is just… annoying (I suppose?)… Anyway, here’s our time at the beach in May.