There are so many ways to be beautiful!

Recently I have decided that there are SO MANY ways to be beautiful.

...stay with me...

As a "people" photographer, I look at A LOT of faces... I'm talkin', fine tuning, smoothing and rendering faces (the post processing, there's just about at least 1 face in each of my photos). I've stared at hundreds of thousands of faces... and never once was I like "oh my god this person is repulsive"... No matter what you look like, if you've been in front of my lens then chances are we've talked, we've looked one another in the eye and we've shared a few laughs and boom I capture your beautiful smile.

That's all I ever really see, is the smile and all of them are beautiful. In their own way.

Each set of eyes and each nose, eyebrows and ears and chins galore! Somehow, your features all work together and it creates a very unique individual.

there are so many ways to be beautiful!