November 21

When Marisa called me around this time last year, I remember being in Utah talking her through how I do things and she sounded so sweet and awesome. I loved her right from the start…I remember writing next to her name “book this girl”.

A year later here we are, at a beautifully decorated wedding at the Linden Place in Bristol, Rhode Island. Marisa did such a great job planning her day from the invitations right down to the favors, she really went all out with candles (which I LOVE) and put a lot of personal touches on just about everything she could. So many DIY spottings throughout the day, I loved it.

The only way I can describe Marisa and James together is by using the word “cute”, haha. They are just so head over heels for each other which made capturing them so much fun. I know they will have many many years of ooogling over one another, laughter and adventure.

Peace, Love & DIY Perfection,

April K